Which Is The Best Chamomile Tea Brand In 2022?

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Updated: January 25, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Chamomile Tea Brand is, then I’d recommend the Traditional Medicinal Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea as the best one.

“Chamomile is a daisy-like herb that is known traditionally for its cosmetic, nutritional, and health benefits. There are a number of chamomile herbal tea brands in the market, so I’m going to save you the stress of buying, test running, and then finding out that you didn’t feel the benefit of the tea as you expected.”

If you’re looking for something that’ll ease your anxiety or depression, then a finely brewed cup of chamomile tea is simply your best bet. It can also ease menstrual cramps and even insomnia.

The 5 best brands of chamomile tea we will be talking about, are our top picks after individual tasting of 15 different types. Our detailed review will inform you of the numerous benefits of this tea and why you should or should not be drinking it.

Top 5 Best Chamomile Tea Brand

1. Traditional Medicinal Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea

2. [amazon link=”B0074MURE6″ title=”Tea Forté CHAMOMILE CITRON Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea”]

3. [amazon link=”B019K0760M” title=”3. Chamomile Mint Tea”]

4. Tazo Herbal Infusion Tea-Calm Chamomile

5. [amazon link=”B00T82GVJA” title=”Chamomile Strawberry Seduction Herbal Tea Blend”]


5 Best Chamomile Tea Brand For Sleep and Other Benefits

Best Chamomile Tea Brand


Editor Review 1

Traditional Medicinal Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea

Traditional Medicinal Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea

This tea helps to calm indigestion and heartburn and really goes well with coconut milk. It’s good for the heart as it helps to reduce high blood pressure. This traditional medicinal organic chamomile herbal tea also helps to stop indigestion and to combat unrest and insomnia among both adults and children.

Another good thing about this tea is that it helps to control heart conditions like high blood pressure and helps to reduce blood sugar. Its qualities are almost endless because it has no artificial sweeteners or sugar. It comes with 16 bags in the pack and so if you’ll be needing more for a month, you might want to buy two packets.

Helps to soothe indigestionShouldn't be taken on an empty stomach
Good for heart conditions like high blood pressureCould cause skin reaction if one's allergic
Helps to calm heartburn
Caffeine free
Helps reduce blood sugar
Helps to build her immune system and we stop her from falling some

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Editor Review 2

[amazon box=”B0074MURE6″ title=”2. Tea Forté CHAMOMILE CITRON Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Tea”]

Made with hand-harvested herbs, healthy fruits, premium spice, roots, seeds, and botanicals from around the world, this caffeine-free herbal chamomile tea provides high-quality nutrients in it that’ll contribute positively improve your health and wellbeing.

It's relaxingIt's a loose leaf kind of tea, which means you'll see some leaves in your cup
It's caffeine free
Helps to stop insomnia

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Editor Review 3

[amazon box=”B019K0760M” title=”3. Chamomile Mint Tea”]

This tea, known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, helps you sleep better prevents stress and anxiety, builds your immune system, and helps cure stomach upsets.

It helps to cure stomach upsetsIt has strong sedative properties so can't be drank in the morning, if you're doing a mechanical job
It has antiseptic properties so it keeps infectious diseases away from you
It helps you sleep better most especially if you've had difficulties sleeping before

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Editor Review 4

Tazo Herbal Infusion Tea-Calm Chamomile

Tazo Herbal Infusion Tea-Calm Chamomile

This tea is a beautiful blend of chamomile flowers and other soothing herbs. This tea gives a soothing taste, has an apple-like flavor, it’s really delicious, and is very irresistible.

Helps to soothe heart burnsWith the blends of the other herbs, it has an odd taste at the end
Helps to soothe indigestion
It has a very irresistible aroma

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Editor Review 5

[amazon box=”B00T82GVJA” title=”5. Chamomile Strawberry Seduction Herbal Tea Blend”]

Caffeine-free and soothing, this tea with strawberry blend will take your depression and anxiety away, and bring you a pleasant blend of familiar and exciting tastes.

Helps to take away anxiety, depression, panic attacks or emotional problemsThis tea is not organic
It's enticing and has a strawberry flavor to it which makes it very sweet

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Also known as the night time tea, the chamomile tea contains mild sedative effects that help to relieve your insomnia and gives you a nightmare-free sleep. If you’ve always been restless, those days are over.

This delicious night-night time tea has the ability to fight your cold and boost your immune system. Taking chamomile tea is a healthy and natural way to build your immune system, and drive away health challenges, even the common cold.

Below is a YouTube link to a video that will give more details regarding the benefits of chamomile tea.

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Reasons Why You Need the Best Chamomile Tea

While you’re still asking in your mind why you need to be drinking chamomile tea, I’m here to tell you why.

1. It relieves indigestion

With an upset stomach, it’s almost impossible to feel comfortable, but you can feel better if you take a cup of chamomile tea. It will help to soothe the pain and drive away nausea and ulcers.

2. It helps to reduce blood sugar

Studies have shown that chamomile tea helps to lower blood sugar. If you’re diabetic or think you generally eat too many sugary foods, then you need to have this tea.

3. It helps to fight cold

The common cold is one of the most frequently reported human diseases, but it can be lead to fatal diseases like pneumonia. So it is important to combat the cold if it exceeds its mild stages. The steam from the chamomile tea helps in reducing symptoms of the cold.

4. It stops insomnia

As earlier stated, this tea is also referred to as the night-time tea because it is known for its sleeping promotion abilities. It’s highly recognized as a mild sedative that helps to induce sleep in its users.

5. It helps to prevent gum diseases

If you brush and sometimes find that you’re bleeding from your gum, it’s possible that you’re having symptoms of gum disease. Regular consumption of chamomile tea will help to prevent the disease or you can just place a warm tea bag on the bruised gum.

Is chamomile tea risky, who shouldn’t use it?

There are several health benefits of drinking chamomile tea but it could also pose a dangerous threat to some people.

Those with allergies

Some people are allergic to plant-related meals or teas, especially of the Daisy family, and taking this tea could cause anaphylactic shock, skin reactions, and other possible side effects.

Pregnant women

Chamomile tea is not safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It’s bad for any stage of pregnancy and shouldn’t be taken, as it has strong anti-inflammatory properties that could cause a miscarriage.

Even after pregnancy, it’s still not advisable to take this tea while breastfeeding. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their doctors before taking any herbs.

Further Reading: Herbal Tea and Pregnancy

Those under medication

For those who are under medications for Asthma, cancer, heart conditions, migraine, psychiatric disorder, erectile dysfunction, or even heartburn, you should consult your doctor before consuming this tea.

Before surgery

Chamomile and anesthetic drugs are not a very good combination, so it’s better you stop taking the chamomile tea two weeks before the surgery takes, please.

Other Ways to Use Chamomile Tea

1. For acne treatment

Chamomile tea has anxiolytic and antioxidant properties that help to fight acne and clears dark spots and scars on the body. Acne can be cured by drinking or using the chamomile tea leaf on the areas. It could also be used for facial cleansing.

2. Healing abilities

The chamomile tea possesses antioxidants and anti-microbial properties that give it strong healing abilities. It also acts as a disinfectant and can be used to clean wounds and minor injuries on skin surfaces.

3. As a bath

Chamomile tea has soothing and relaxing properties. And can be used while taking a bath to relieve you of stress. You can either strain the juice from the flowers after boiling and pour directly into the bath or can brew your tea and hang the tea bags over in the bath and let the water run through the tea bags.

4. To reduce swelling

Talk about a jack of all trades. This tea can help in reducing swelling due to its anti-inflammatory properties. All you have to do is put a warm teabag in the swollen area and it’ll reduce after a while.



Final Words On Best Chamomile Tea Brand

There are a lot of chamomile tea brands in the market, and getting the best of them can be quite a lot of work; especially if you’re new to buying herbal tea. It can be really frustrating and suffering the stress of test running about a dozen herbal teas, and not getting what you want.

Clearly, the best chamomile tea is the Traditional Medicinal Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea, as it is caffeine-free, organic, has no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and has good health benefits like its ability to combat insomnia and restlessness. It helps to soothe indigestion and heartburn. It also helps to improve your immune system.

The 5 best chamomile tea brands reviewed above, is a good place to start when drinking chamomile tea. Ensure that the packaging is intact when you receive your pack before opening. Enjoy drinking your tea and don’t forget to share with family and friends.

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  1. My Recommendation would be Tea Trunk they have best Chamomile tea which is a freeze-dried so it remains fresh and tastes best until the last spoon of the tea tin.

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