What Is A Good Parsley Substitute, Alternative And Replacement?

It is normal that you would crave some natural flavors in your food, but what happens when you are tired of a particular flavor and need to change it? But still, want the benefits of that particular herb? It’s even worse when you have a blended flavor; so what happens then, do you just let it slide? No one will notice, right?

Well, you’re wrong, flavor in a meal is what makes it unique, don’t you think?

So if a particular herb doesn’t give you the flavor you want, wouldn’t it be a nice idea to use some other herbs that can substitute it? I’m just saying, rather than suffer from something that isn’t working, switch to something that can.

Parsley is great, but sometimes it can blend the food’s flavor so much, you end up getting a flat food. So that rather than spice things up, you end up flattening the food.

So now we’ll be looking at what parsley is, and other great products that can be parsley substitute.

What Is A Good Parsley Substitute, Alternative And Replacement


What Is Parsley?

Before we go into looking at what parsley is, let us get one thing straight; each herb has a distinct flavor, and they each spice up the food in its way. Parsley is a fresh and crisp herb with a light flavor which you can use for any dishes. It comes both in fresh and dried forms and can serve in a wide and culinary purpose. You can use the parsley in your omelets, soups, potatoes, scrambled eggs, pasta, sauces, and even in some vegetable dishes.

Parsley is even a tea and is a popular beverage, in some areas of the world. It helps with some health and organ deformities. For those who are allergic to some other herbs, then you can use the parsley as an alternative, but we are not discussing that today, rather we’ll be looking at some other parsley substitute. Being a mildly flavored herb, there is a tendency that the meal might be a blend, and the flavor not strong enough, which brings me to my next point.

Another thing you should know about is that; parsley herbs are not the only peppery herbs are on the market, other amazing herbs provides the same kind of flavor (sometimes even better) and can properly substitute the parsley herb and makes the food even more enjoyable.

So here are some of the major substitutes for the parsley herbs

Other Parsley Alternative

1. Celery Leaves

parsley alternative

The first on my list of parsley substitute is the celery leaves. Celery leaves are not a very common herb but are a great substitute for the parsley herb. The leaves look almost like clovers and can be dried up or freshly used. But if you want to enjoy the rich nourishment and flavor of the leaf, then you might want to consider using the leaves as fresh as you can get them.

2. Chervil Leaves

Chervil leaves are yet another good alternative to parsley. Although they are milder than parsley, they have a very delicate flavor, much like the celery leaves and they are in some instances, the perfect substitute for the overuse parsley leaves.

It is advisable that you use the leaves while they are still fresh and green.

It comes both in dried and fresh form, giving you an alternative to choose from; either way, they perform and give the same flavors in the meals. Some dishes you can use the chervil leaves for are; scrambled eggs, pasta, soup, vegetable dishes, etc.

Like I said earlier, the flavor of the chervil is milder than the parsley’s flavor, but one thing that stands it out is its a sweetness that is likened to that of the aniseed. This licorice flower can blend perfectly with the parsley herb. Thus the chervil leaves combine both flavors to make itself distinct.

3. Curly-leaf Parsley

Although the curly-leaf parsley is mainly a garnishing herb, you can also use it as a substitute for the flat leaf, also known as the Italian parsley.

4. Flat-leaf Parsley

Another amazing substitute for the ‘regular parsley,’ is the Italian parsley. It has a much stronger flavor than the regular parsley. So that you don’t get too much spice in your meal, it would be prudent to adjust the measurement of the flat-leaf parsley. Although the Italian parsley can comfortably substitute curly-leaf parsley, there’s nothing that says it can’t be a perfect substitute for regular parsley.

5. Basil

parsley replacement

It is only natural for people to turn to basil when they are tired of using parsley, and I’ll tell you why. The basil and the parsley have a similar appearance, but their flavors are incredibly distinct so that you can tell them apart instantly.

Unlike the parsley, the flavor of basil on meals is blatant, obvious and very easy to spot out. Except you intend that your food have a more intense flavor, avoid using the basil leaf.

If on the other hand, the idea is to make the meal flavorful, like an Italian or Mexican dish, then, by all means, use the basil leaf to suit the meal. In these kinds of meal, basil is a good substitute for parsley.

6. Cilantro

health benefits of parsley

For me, I think one of the great things about the cilantro or coriander leaf is that it is not as bitter as parsley, yet it still has so much flavor and can conveniently substitute the parsley herb.

If you’re considering just garnishing the meal, and you have the cilantro and the parsley leaf; it will be better if you use the cilantro, they are better garnishes. People won’t even know the difference since they have a striking resemblance to each other.

7. Oregano

Oregano and parsley share the same flavor with a slight difference; oregano is slightly warmer when you want to consider taste. It can also be a stronger spice with more flavor than parsley if you’re replacing it in stews and soups. It is a good parsley substitute.



We should not disregard the fact that parsley leaf is a very good spice in meals and compliments the meal, but sometimes due to reason like allergy, or food flattening, or reasons best known to you, you may decide to use a parsley substitute. When you have this issue, you could simply use either of the options available above.

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