What Is Frankincense? (OIL, USES, AND BENEFITS)

It is not a secret and many of you know that frankincense was one of the gifts that Jesus received when he was born. Some even say it is the perfect gift for royalty.

But one thing we still haven’t figured out yet is, what is frankincense? What are its uses and benefits? If it is given to kings, then it must be exceptional.

In this article, I will attempt to answer some of the possible questions you might have about this very exclusive, and may I add, royal substance.


What Is Frankincense And What Makes It So Unique?


I could go straight ahead and tell you that frankincense is aromatic Hebrew resins. But then that wouldn’t do justice to the whole different resins thing.

Frankincense is a unique kind of resin. It has aromatic properties, and healing properties as well. It is one of the few gifts of nature that is a delight to have around all the time.

With a Hebrew name Olibanum, the frankincense is a product of the trees, whose genus is of Boswellia Sacra (from the family of Burseraceae).

You strip frankincense off the bark of the tree by slashing the tree. And then allowing the sappy frankincense in it to bleed out of the tree and become hardened. When they become hardened, the hardened resins are then called tears.

Now you see why frankincense is no ordinary resin, they are indeed unique. Who says getting good thing comes easy?


What Are The Frankincense Uses and Benefits?

What Is Frankincense

Frankincense, like many other healthy trees, has a lot of benefits. And I’ll be sharing with you some of them.

Before we go into the benefits proper, one thing you should bear in mind is the fact that the frankincense has properties like antioxidant, disinfectants, tonic, sedative, and many other features in it.

Which is why it is perhaps one of the most useful substances, fit for a king.

1. Frankincense helps to boost the immune system

One of the properties of the frankincense is antiseptic. What antiseptic does is to maintain and boost the immune system.

The boosting properties of this resin are even strong when it is being distilled into becoming oil. The smoke and the fumes that it produced when it is compressed is strong enough to boost the immune system if you inhale it for a long time.

Not only that, because the resins are disinfectants, it also has cleansing properties. That makes the immune boost a whole lot easier.

As disinfectants, you can use the resin oil to clean your wounds, before you cover it up. The disinfectant in the oil will then prevent further infections of the injury.

2. Helps in improving oral health as well

Do you ever feel like your oral health can’t get any better? When I say oral hygiene, I’m talking about cavities, bad breath, toothaches and sore mouth, (amongst others).

Well, you probably did not know this, but you can take back control of your mouth and oral health by merely using the frankincense. But not when it is raw and crude, use it when it is distilled and processed into oil, for use.

The sweet aroma of the frankincense will help to get rid of the bad breath. While the antiseptic in it works on the bacteria that causes the cavities and toothaches and all the other oral problems.

You can add the frankincense oil to your toothpaste and mouthwash for better effects.

3. Contains astringent properties, frankincense for skin

frankincense oil uses

How many of you have heard of astringent properties? Almost all; which is why you would understand the importance of astringent properties in any natural product.

Astringent helps to strengthen gums and hair roots. Not that alone, it works on the skin tone and skin lifting, as well as fortifying the intestine and the blood vessels. Plus it protects ardent users from the loss of tooth and hair.

Wow! Now I see why this resin is the gift fit for a king; it’s almost as if the frankincense resin is not from this world.

By also contracting muscles, the astringent in the resin helps to clear wrinkle and breakage of the skin.

The coagulants properties in the astringent also help the blood vessels to quickly clot wounds and bruises, to prevent an excess of blood loss.

4. Makes menstruation timing regular

Irregular menstruation is one of the problems women have today. But all that will change when you start using the frankincense finished products, like the frankincense essential oil.

What frankincense does to a lady is to reduce any form of obstruction and any delay in the menstruation period of ladies. Also, end early menopause.

If you also have pre-menstrual syndromes (PMS), such as abdominal aches, lathery, nausea, or headaches or even mode swing, then the frankincense can help with that.

Now it has become more useful than most care products out there.

5. It gets rid of scars almost completely, frankincense oil for skin

Perhaps you had a nasty accident that was supposed to leave a scar. And what’s even worse, on a very embarrassing part of your body like the face, what do you do then.

The best thing to do is to get yourself a frankincense oil and be sure to prevent as much scar prints as possible. Because of its skin care properties, frankincense ranks as being one of the no.1 go-to, when it comes to clearing scars from acne, wounds, boils, and pox.

It even removes the scars at a much faster rate than regular skin care products.

It could be that you went for surgery and you don’t want the scar to remain. Then you could use frankincense oil to clear and almost completely remove the scar.

6. Reduces the chances of gas buildup

The gas buildup comes as a result of mixing incompatible meals. Which then disrupts the stomach, thereby leading to so much internal unrest and finally, gas buildup.

Taking frankincense end the build-up of gas in the body. It also reduces the symptoms associated with the gas buildups, like stomach pain, indigestion, as well as abdominal and chest pain, and uneasiness.

When you take frankincense, it goes straight to work by working on the metabolism process that would lead to proper digestion. This then prevents the gas buildup in the intestinal region.

7. Helps in the treatment of cancer

The healing properties of the frankincense are strong enough to treat cancer. Not only that it also prevents cancer as well.

The boswellic acid in the frankincense oil has anti-inflammatory bodies that help in the prevention of cancer. To use it, you would have to rub the frankincense oil around the affected area, like skin cancer and breast cancer.

During one of the many pieces of research on how to cure cancer. A top researcher, Mark Barton Frank, a researcher from an institute in Oklahoma, (a medical institute) said that you could also use this oil to treat bladder cancer.

8. Aids in easy digestion

frankincense oil benefits

Apart from preventing gas buildup, frankincense also aids in easy digestion when it is inhaled.

For patients who eat late or who suffer from chronic indigestion as well as high levels of acidity. Taking the frankincense will help to facilitate digestion and also do it without any side effects.

It works like regular medicine would and gives you full relief. Unlike the medicine that only suppresses the symptoms, but without giving you relief.

The oil in the frankincense also speeds up the digestion process by hastening the secretion of the juice (like gastric juice, acid, and bile) used for digestion.

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9. You can use the finished product (that is the oil) as a tonic

Because of its cooling and soothing effect on the skin, the oil of frankincense is used as a tonic. It could be applied to the skin as a lotion, as could be inhaled.

When the tonic is applied to the skin or inhaled, it works faster and better too, and it last longer.

When taken into the body, it works on the respiratory, the digestive, the excretory as well as the nervous system. When you have all these systems in your body fortified, then you will have nothing to do with sickness.

10. Using the frankincense delays the aging process

Everyone wants to stay young forever, and for that reason, I got the thing for you.

The essential oil made out of frankincense is an excellent and powerful Cytophylactic. It helps in promoting the good and the quick regeneration of cells in the body. It also ensures that the existing cells and tissues in the body are kept alive and healthy.

Remember the astringent? Well, when you combine both the anti-aging qualities and the astringent qualities, you will begin to enjoy the perfect skin, by getting rid of the micro-wrinkles and other skin problems.

11. It also helps to relieve stress

It is no secret that many persons have very hectic and choking schedules, and this causes a lot of stress to them. This stress could manifest in many ways including being paranoid and very annoying.

But you can change all that.

With frankincense, you can relieve the stress you are feeling by taking some of the frankincense oil.

It’s sedative power can give you mental peace. You will have a relaxed and focused mind, and with that, you can decisively solve some matters. It helps your thinking process, and at the same time, reduces the anger and anxiety that comes with it.

12. It aids in urine stimulation

For those of you who have a problem urinating, you can use the frankincense oil, to stimulate your urine.

For most people, their first resort is to a pharmaceutical product (like LASIX and products like it).

That helps to produce body water through urination, but I would think twice before I use this kind of products.

They may be instantaneous, but they are not safe for use, because of its nasty side effects. Using frankincense is natural, and it naturally reduces fat, excess body water, uric acid, and all other toxins that may plague the body.

13. It reduces the respiratory tissues

For all those who are suffering from a cold, you can use frankincense to reduce the growth of the respiratory tissues. What the oil does is that it soothes the cough. It also gets rid of phlegm that is residue in the respiratory tracts and lungs.

Don’t worry, the frankincense oil also works on bronchitis and nasal congestion. It cleans the nasal tract and the larynx, as well as the pharynx and the bronchi and lungs.

Because it has antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties, the breathing passages are relaxed. Which in turn reduces the chances of having an asthma attack.

14. Promote uterus health

For all those with uterine issues, you could as well use the oil of frankincense; it boosts the uterus health.

Sexual health is very important for an active sexual life. When your uterus is healthy, then your future is healthy. It will prevent the chances of you getting post-menopause cyst and tumor. The regulation of estrogen hormone production will also hamper the chances of getting uterus cancer.

Frankincense also helps to regulate and treat some gynecologic conditions (also known as stressors), that could lead to future complications and dysfunctions that are prevalent in most women.

Now we know about some of the frankincense and frankincense essential oil benefits. How about we look at one of the finished product of the frankincense; the frankincense essential oil.

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Frankincense Essential Oil

You cannot use frankincense when it is still raw and unrefined. It is pertinent that it is distilled and made into essential oil for use. So what is the frankincense essential oil?

The frankincense essential oil is the extract from the gum or sap of the frankincense resin. The vital components of the oil are; octyl acetate, alpha-pinene, bornyl acetate, octanol, Linalool, incensole acetate, and incensole. Most of these ingredients, you can find in cosmetics as well as incense candles.



Frankincense is not a recent discovery. In fact, it has been in vogue for centuries, even before the birth of Jesus. It is a very precious substance, which is why it is costly, and even back then it was so.

Because people knew the many benefits of the substance, they began to exploit its advantages, and with the right course.

Now, frankincense is one of the most precious element. So valuable that even the fumes that emit from its distillation are good for the body. You can use the frankincense for any purposes, and with a substance like this, you’re assured of good health.

I hope we answered your questions about frankincense like frankincense oil uses, frankincense oil benefits, frankincense essential oil uses frankincense oil for face through this article.

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