What Is The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike In 2019?

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Choosing an excellent recumbent bike can amount to being a tough decision to make because of the different models of recumbent exercise bikes available, with all having a variety of useful features.

One of the significant fitness steps surmounts to buying a recumbent bike. Before purchasing a recumbent exercise bike, one needs to consider their needs, specifications, and preferences. With a distinct need, requirements, and preferences, the chances are high that you may choose a bike that might be a correct fit for you.

If you’ve never carried out any exercise on a recumbent bike, you may be looking forward to this. However, you have to consider factors like your budget, needs, etc..

This article would give you all the information you need on how to choose the best recumbent bike and would review the following five best rated recumbent bike.

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How To Choose The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike


Before buying a recumbent exercise bike, there are certain things that one needs to consider before purchasing. They include:

Level Of Comfort

Exercise is way too strenuous already, so the worst thing that may happen would involve having an exercising machine that would bring you more discomfort. Training brings an ache to the body, but some lousy exercising device could give you worse pain. The Recumbent exercise bike you choose should be designed to provide comfort for you.

The features found in most recumbent bikes that provide comfort includes: strong lumbar support for stronghold and to prevent unnecessary strains, padded seat to avert ache. The designs of some bikes now come with convenience features like inbuilt fans which helps to keep the heat off, leaving you feeling cool even after the stress and sweat. Don’t forget you may have to spend a lot of time on that bike, so comfort is Paramount.

Space Available

Recumbent bikes come in a variety of sizes: small, medium and large. Based on your body mass index and size, you may want to choose a bike that suits your body size, thereby enhancing your comfort. Reason being that a fat person may find it very uncomfortable in a small sized recumbent bike, may not be able to fit in, and vice versa. Therefore you should consider the dimensions and specifications when purchasing a recumbent bike.

Most bikes are foldable and made very handy and portable. Its foldable feature aids secure storage and it can be easily carried around in the case of a journey or when moving out to a new location.

Workout Efficiency

The reason you probably bought or want to buy a Recumbent exercise bike, is because you perhaps, want to see good results during the workout. With this, it’s important to ask yourself, how useful is this machine for the exercise?

Does it enhance my health fitness? Does it help me lose weight? What is its resistant level? Does its features aid and boosts my workout speed and goals? Does it have a tracker in which I can view my progress and the effectiveness of the machine?
Is it the right fit? Can I customize my workouts? All of these questions would help you determine the effectiveness of the machine and determine if indeed, it helps with your workout sessions.

Price And Budget

Although this may be the last thing you want to hear, it’s a vital factor when considering the purchase of anything. Imagine if you had to go through the process of scouting for a recumbent exercise bike that is way too comfortable with convenient features and perfect size, then you want to buy it, and you discover you cannot afford it and may never be able to.

If that was the case, all that research time might be wasted. But if you consider your budget and the price of the bike first, you may be able to find a good bike with comfortable features and a good fit but still around your budget, one that you can afford. Always try to consider what you want, your budget and endeavor to create a balance between the two, as it would significantly ease your stress if you may want to purchase a recumbent exercise bike.

Advantages And Benefits Of Using Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Intense, But Low-Impact Workout

Recumbent exercise bikes involve a lot of movement with the legs which in turn affects the hips, waist and the shoulders.
Unlike other exercise machines that would bring you a lot of inconveniences: stress and ache, recumbent exercise bikes are intense, would give good results but would also reduce the amount of pain you are most likely to feel.

By exercising on a recumbent bike, it allows you to recline to a comfortable leaning posture. With this posture, the weight is taken off your back and hips during exercising. This posture does not affect the quality of your workout, as you’ll still be able to cycle intensely and efficiently.

Burns Calories And Tones The Lower Body

The intensity of your workout with the Recumbent Exercise bike speeds up the metabolism level in your body. With this, you can manage your weight, effectively. For those that may be interested in bodybuilding and might follow the workout routines for bodybuilding with the recumbent exercise bikes, they are most likely to see valid results.

Cost Efficiency

If you purchase a bike for your home, asides from the convenience, it is cost effective. Imagine if you had to go to a gym and register, the cost of transportation to the gym coupled with the registration fee. But at home, you save both costs, and at any time of the day, you could make use of your recumbent bike whenever you feel like because it’s on your premises.

Disadvantages Of Using A Recumbent Bike


Although the recumbent bikes are not stressful, working out with them are intense. Thus, you should be prepared to experience a few strains here and there especially on the legs and ankles. Over time, you may get used to it.


Recumbent exercise bikes require a lot of money, although some are more expensive than others, buying a recumbent bike is an investment and would need a good amount of money. You can’t afford it if you are broke.

Waste Of Money

With a lot of inferior products in the market, one is likely to fall into the trap of low-quality products and fake reviews. With this, it’s important to know the proper brands and recumbent exercise bikes around. To help you with this, we’ll be reviewing the top five best recumbent exercise bikes.

Five Best Recumbent Bike Reviews

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike


Editor Review 1

[amazon box=”B003Z9P382″ title=”1. Diamondback Fitness 910SR”]

The Diamondback Fitness 910SR is a premium quality bike with high-end features and functionalities. With a wireless heart rate monitor, and receiver, this bike can track and send correct data about the progress and details of your workout, through a strap which is worn on the chest.

There’s also an LCD console feature from which one can view his/her heart rate while cycling. The data tracked and measured by the diamondback fitness 910SR includes the pulse which is accurately measured by the sensors placed on the handlebars. The sensors on the handlebars do not mean you have to set your hands on the handlebar at all times, as the recumbent bikes can function without the handlebars. However, if you want your pulse to be read accurately, you have to put your hands on the handlebar.

Another feature of this bike is a thirty pin connector which have been specially designed to be able to connect all Apple devices to its media application. Elements also include a mesh back seat to enhance comfort, a magazine rack, and workout programs with high resistance levels. It also has an Eddy current brake system which allows quietness whenever the machine is being used.

Comfort and ease of useHeavy
Provides efficient workout sessions
Fantastic workout programs and features like the heart monitor

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Editor Review 2

[amazon box=”B01EM8ZBY0″ title=”2. Sole LCR Exercise Bike”]

This recumbent exercise bike has primarily been designed for commercial purposes as it can handle a lot of heavy-duty use, including wear and tear. With a nine inches display screen, you get the vital workout information that you need. This bike is self-powered and does not require an external power source before being able to ride. With forty levels of resistance, it provides a variety of workout goals and fitness levels. With a sophisticated frame and robust sound system, this frame is super sturdy as it is made from steel and durable aluminum. When it comes to portability, you can rely on this bike despite the size, as it has wheels with which it can be pushed around easily.

High capacityWorkout space might be too large for some people based on the extensive capacity and footprint size
Quietness during operation
Sturdy frames and wheels
Serves commercial purposes like rehabilitative training
Amazing programs and features like the cooling fan

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Editor Review 3

[amazon box=”B003Z9P2P6″ title=”3. Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike”]

The Diamondback Fitness 510SR is more of a luxury and high convenience bike. The diamond fitness 510SR come with comfortable features like, built-in speakers with which you may connect your iPod or MP3 player to enjoy music that may motivate and enhance your workout spirit.

Other features are a water bottle and magazine holder, a cooling fan to leave you feeling hydrated and calm, an LCD monitor from which one can program and track the state of their workout, sixteen resistance levels along with twenty pre-programmed exercises from which you can select for a variety of workout goals.

From the above, you can also program your workout. Not forgetting the fine-tuned handlebar which can be adjusted to any comfort level.

Comes with a substantial warranty period of three monthsData collection is done manually
Silent and noiseless operationMay not provide accurate heart monitor results
Firm and stable during operation
Efficient workout

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Editor Review 4

[amazon box=”B01MS7EWR9″ title=”4. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike”]

With twenty-five levels of resistance and about thirty exercise programs, the Schwinn 270 is a good fit especially for those interested in massive bodybuilding and weight management. With the specified tunes of applications, one can quickly and easily meet a specified fitness level and goal.

With a heavy, and balanced wheel feature, the Schwinn 270 indulges multitasking sports and cycling.

Another feature is its digital goal tracking device coupled with a USB port which allows users, import and export data. The bike can also be used for charging other devices like cell phones through the USB port. It has a padded seat and leg support which works to enhance convenience.

90-day labor warranty periodMaybe uncomfortable for tall people
Built-in fitness programsFaulty manual pulse monitor
High capacityOversized pedals
Resistance and user profile selection

[amazon fields=”B01MS7EWR9″ value=”button”]


Editor Review 5

[amazon box=”B005OU4E1M” title=”5. Exerpeutic 1111 900XL”]

An outstanding feature of the Exerpeutic 900XL is its capacity size which is more extensive compared to that of other recumbent exercise bikes. Its capacity is up to three hundred pounds coupled with features like pulse rate monitor, a timer which also counts and keeps track of distance and calories.

With only eight levels of variations to choose from, this bike offers a convenient workout. This bike is less stressful with a large pedal that holds your fit firmly in place. Exerpeutic 900XL is one of the recumbent exercise bikes that children may be allowed to start using.
The leg stabilizers prevent it from being noisy and aid more comfortability.

Convenient to useA few faulty and squeaky parts
Sturdy design
Functional heart rate sensor

[amazon fields=”B005OU4E1M” value=”button”]


The [amazon link=”B003Z9P382″ title=”Diamondback Fitness 910SR” /] takes the lead and is the winner. Asides from its weight which is not so great and caused by the fact that the machine is made from sturdy materials, this machine is of premium quality. The operation is done smoothly, with a noiseless transition, coupled with its variety of amazing features, levels, and programs to choose.

All of this functionalities, just to enhance the health, fitness, and lifestyle of the user. I highly recommend the Diamondback Fitness 910SR and place it first on the list because you can rely heavily on it and see valid results.

Recumbent bikes serve the importance of enhancing health fitness and comfortability during work out. The nostalgic feeling about recumbent bikes is the fact that even with the level of intensity during cycling, it is less stressful and more useful as it doesn’t hurt the knees, back or the joints.

With the advance of technology, there have been vast improvements in the functionality of the bikes. Even with that fact that people spend a lot of hours cycling, can you beat the fact that you can read a magazine, watch or listen to your favorite shows while cycling? This exercise bike is definitely a good investment.

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