The Best Probiotic for Kids In 2019

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Probiotics are those healthy bacteria that naturally reside in our bodies. When these natural probiotics are insufficient, however, it becomes necessary to boost them with supplements. This is where probiotic supplements come in. These supplements come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations and for different categories of people.

And it is not just adults who can take probiotic supplements. Kids too can. As a matter of fact, your child can begin to take probiotic supplements as early as when they are about to start school or when they are potty training and it is very healthy for them as it brings them a lot of health benefits including digestive and immune system support.

Letting your kids take probiotic supplements could go a long way in dealing with problems like diarrhea and digestion issues, abdominal pain as well as boosting the immune system of your child. However, as is normal, most parents might be concerned about how safe it really is for their child to take probiotics.

This is mostly because not just any probiotic is safe and not everyone has been formulated with the protection of your child at heart. It, therefore, becomes tough and overwhelming sometimes to pick the right probiotic supplement for your child especially with a lot of them available on the market.

This article will help to address that issue as well as review five of the best children’s probiotic supplements which you can give your child. Here are the five best probiotic for kids which this article will review:

Our Rating
Culturelle Kids Packets Daily Probiotic Formula[star rating="5"]Check Prices
Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies[star rating="4.7"]Check Prices
Garden of Life - RAW Probiotics Kids[star rating="4.5"]Check Prices
PRO-Kids: Children's Probiotics[star rating="4.3"]Check Prices
Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic Supplement[star rating="4.1"]Check Prices

Benefits of Probiotics for Kids

Probiotics come with a long list of health benefits for your child. Here are some of those;

1. Probiotics Improve Digestion and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). They are very helpful to kids who suffer from abdominal pain, constipation, bloating, diarrhea and gas. Probiotics will also support the proper digestion of food as well as fight off any pathogens in the digestive tract.

2. Probiotic can treat diarrhea related to antibiotics. Often, when antibiotics are prescribed to treat infections and flu in children, they go on to destroy the beneficial bacteria alongside the harmful bacteria in the GI tract. This would usually result in side effects one of which is diarrhea. Probiotic supplements containing lactobacillus strains like Lactobacillus reuteri protectis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG can go a long way to fight diarrhea which has been caused by antibiotics.

3. Probiotics improve the health of the immune system. This will in turn help to prevent other illnesses like cold and flu in the child, prevent allergy as well as help the child to stay healthy all throughout. Giving your child probiotic supplements will enable their bodies to be able to fight sickness more.

4. Probiotics help to prevent as well as treat Eczema and atopic Dermatitis.

What to Look Out for When Choosing the Best Probiotic for Kids

1. Look out for specific strains

The strains included in a probiotic supplement go a long way to determine how effective the supplement will be. Look out for;

Lactobacillus strains which are normally found in our urinary, digestive and genital tracts. Most probiotic supplements for kids come with this strain because it helps to treat digestive problems and to treat diarrhea caused by antibiotics. It also helps to fight off pathogens. In addition, these strains help to break down foods and improve the absorption of nutrients.

Bifidobacteria Strains are normally present in the intestine. They help to fight the growth and colonization of harmful bacteria as well as restore good bacteria in the gut. This strain also boosts the immune system and helps to treat other health issues like IBS, constipation, diarrhea and skin issues like eczema. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of cold and flu.

2. Stability

Look out for supplements that you do not need to refrigerate to keep in good condition. Opting for one that is shelf stable is better because the microorganisms found in refrigerated products will not survive a normal room temperature if they are kept on it for a very long time. Besides, you can’t tell whether or not the correct temperature has been maintained if you are buying the supplements online.

3. Formulation

Probiotic supplements for kids are formulated in different forms which include powders, tablets and chewable. Some supplements add nice flavor’s to make it more interesting to the child. You might want to pick probiotic supplements like this to encourage your child.

4. Money Back Guarantee

Supplements that come with a money back guarantee can usually be trusted because this is the promise of the manufacturer that the product is good. This simply means he knows his product and is standing by it. If it wasn’t a good product, they probably would not dare to offer your money back.

Reviews of the Five Best Probiotic for Kids

1. Culturelle Kids Packets Daily Probiotic Formula

Here is a probiotic you can easily add to your child’s diet. This supplement comes with Lactobacillus GG which is the most clinically studied and proven probiotic. It is efficient to deal with issues such as diarrhea and digestive issues. It achieves this function by ensuring a balance between the good and the not very good bacteria in the digestive system.

It will also foster the proper balance of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it provides support for your child’s immune system as well as works to reduce any digestive issues, diarrhea and Amy sort of discomforts.

It provides support for the immune systemIt is not allergen free
It helps to provide balance between the good and the not too good bacteria
It includes the most clinically proven probiotic
It supports digestive functions
It helps to fight health issues like diarrhea and digestive upset

2. Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies

Digestive Advantage Kids is an excellent way to provide the probiotic needs of your child. It comes with a unique patented strain of probiotic with probiotic with 250 million viable cells in every gummy. It will help to balance the bacteria in the intestinal tract as well as help to improve digestion and ensure the long term health of the digestive and immune systems.

This probiotic supplement enables good bacteria which will help your child to have a better functioning digestive system as well as immune system and reduce other issues like abdominal pain.

It helps to ensure improved digestive healthSome people mag not like that they are not dairy free
It ensures perfect immune system functions
It comes with a unique patented strain of probiotic
It helps to fight other issues like abdominal pain

3. Garden of Life – RAW Probiotics Kids

This is a whole food probiotic supplement formulated especially to provide children with their own unique needs. It comes with 23 RAW and organic vegetables and fruits as well as RAW insulin which a probiotic that enables the growth if probiotics. You only need to give your child one serving a day and he or she will get more than five billion live probiotic cells.

These five billion cells are made up of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria which will work together to provide digestive support for your child. This probiotic supplement is free from gluten and is completely vegetarian and organic. It is also free from soy allergens, fliers, binders, and carriers. In addition, it is sugar-free to ensure the good health of your child.

It contains insulin to enable the growth of probioticsIt requires refrigeration
It is free from allergensIt may not be safe for you if you are pregnant, nursing or about to undergo a surgery
It is organic and vegetarian for vegetarian kids
It is sugar free
It provides support for the digestive system

4. PRO-Kids: Children’s Probiotics

This one comes with four targeted probiotic strains which include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteruim. These will efficiently work against the effects of antibiotics on your child as well as provide immune system support. This probiotic supplement also includes B.infant is which is the probiotic breastfed infants have and will provide the best support.

There is three billion colonies forming unit in every BIO-tract pearl. Your child will also find this very easy to swallow because it is tiny so you are sure to be free from all the drama. However, they can also be chewed except that they are more effective when swallowed. Besides, you can mix this with your child’s food when it is cold and let them eat it.

Each pearl of PRO- kids includes a naturally derived probiotic which will enhance the effectiveness of this supplement. In addition, this supplement has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration because of the patented LiveBac manufacturing process of this product.

This supplement is also a sugar-free one which will protect the health of your child. All you need to do is give this to your child once a day and you can be assured of fifteen times more results than a number of other probiotics.

It is easy to swallowSome kids may not like the sugar free taste
It has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration
It works against antibiotic side effects in your child
It will protect and enhance the functions of your child's immune system
It produces fifteen times more results than some other probiotic supplements
It includes the B.infant probiotic
It is free of sugar

5. Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic Supplement

Ultimate Flora will provide the best support for your kid’s overall well-being. The probiotic strains in this are specially selected and include Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. It is formulated with about 3 billion live cultures and will provide relief from such issues as digestive upset.

They will also provide sufficient support for your child’s immune system protecting them from a variety of other illnesses. In addition, these tablets are chewable and have a palatable taste to make your child take them without any drama. This probiotic is also perfectly free from any artificial flavors or sweeteners or flavors.

One tablet given to your child every day will ensure that your child is provided with a very healthy foundation for their immune system as well as their digestive health. Here is another very effective probiotic supplement that will give your child just all the healthy support that they need to grow well. It’s good health in a pack.

It provides support for your child's immune system
Some customers have complained that their children do not like the taste of the tablets.
It will also provide support for your child's digestive system
It is free from artificial flavors and colors
The tablets are chewable as well as tasty enough for your child to love them
It will support the overall well-being of your child


It is always better to prevent sickness than to treat them and when your child is concerned, it is best. Giving your child probiotic supplements are an excellent way to ensure that that child stays in their best health condition and does not have to be bothered with digestive upsets, bloating, antibiotic side effects or any of the others.

The above reviewed probiotic supplements are some of the best which you can purchase for your child. Our highest recommendation is for the Culturelle Kids Packets Daily Probiotic Formula which has also given our highest rating. If you are looking to improve or protect the health of your child, probiotics are an excellent way to do that and the above listed will be some of your best choices.

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