What Are The Best Potassium Supplements In 2019?

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If you are deficient in potassium, then you may be facing one challenge or the other. I want to believe you are reading this now because you need potassium supplementation and you seek a guide to choosing the best potassium supplement. You have stumbled on the right page.

In selecting a potassium supplement, there are a few things you may have to consider, this, benefits of potassium supplement and more are in this article. I will also be reviewing five best potassium supplements for you, from which you may find a suitable one.

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Best Naturals Potassium Gluconate Supplement[star rating="5"]Check Prices
Nature Made Potassium Gluconate[star rating="4.8"]Check Prices
NOW Potassium Citrate[star rating="4.5"]Check Prices
Nature's Bounty Potassium Gluconate 99 mg Caps, 100 ct, 2 pk[star rating="4.3"]Check Prices
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How To Choose The Best Potassium Supplements

Before I delve into what to look for and what not, it is imperative I say that potassium supplementation is not for everyone. However, if your doctor pronounces that you have low potassium, then you may begin to seek the best potassium supplement.

The best people in the position to suggest the best potassium supplement to you are your doctor, pharmacist, or the salesperson at the health food store. Going with the doctor’s suggestion will make work better for him/her in monitoring your progress accurately.

Nevertheless, here are some suggestions of things to look out for when selecting a potassium supplement.


Buying a product you cannot continue to buy might be a problem for you. If you manage to buy it this month, will you be able to keep buying it when you run out of pills? You would not want to jump from one product to another, would you? With this said, look for something you can continue to afford.

However, this does not mean buying a substandard product because it is cheap. You can still get something affordable yet of quality with no fillers. Check your pocket and ask for guidance.


Another factor you may want to consider before purchasing your supplement is the form in which it comes. The choice is yours; you may prefer to go for the liquid or tablet form. If you are the type who hates swallowing pills or have trouble doing so, then the liquid may be a good one for you.

Some studies even say that the liquid forms of vitamins and minerals are better because our bodies absorb them quickly. The pill forms aren’t a wrong choice too. There are small and easy to swallow types available.


To find the right supplement for you, you may try a few different brands and see how well it works for you or how you react to them. You should do this with the knowledge and guidance of your doctor. Within a month, you may try some brands and then see which gives you the result you seek. Do not forget to consult with your doctor before using this method.

Benefits Of Potassium Supplement

Improves Heart Health

Potassium supplementation may play a favorable role in the heart health as it maintains the best electrical impulses. It assists the heart in keeping a regular heart rhythm. Also, it helps users prevent the risk of having a heart attack, stroke or developing cardiovascular disease.

There often has been a link between low potassium and cardiovascular disease as well as high blood pressure too.

Improves Brain Function

Potassium has a role to play in ensuring your brain functions as it should. Also, it ensures enough oxygen reaches the brain to get improved cognitive function and neural activity. No wonder banana is said to be good for the brain. Did you know it is called the brain food? Well, that is what it is referred to because of its richness in minerals.

Improves Blood Sugar Levels

Potassium can slightly stabilize our blood sugar levels. Studies also have it that it can reduce the daily highs and drops in blood sugar levels. Thus, it can help you enhance and conserve your energy levels through your daily activities.

Improves Bone Health

Potassium can help your body preserve calcium which in return increases richly. We all know what calcium does for the bones. It will strengthen the bones and helps develop new bone tissue. There is a good relationship between potassium and calcium. So, daily intake of a generous amount of potassium increases bone mineral density and takes care of your overall bone health.

With these bone benefits, fractures, osteoporosis and other bone issues related to age can be prevented through the use of potassium supplements.

Improves Muscle Function

Potassium plays an enormous role in the muscle function. It helps with contraction efficiency improvement and takes care of the overall muscle health. So, if you seek something to help with muscle tissue repair and to ensure healthy muscle growth, potassium supplementation might be of help.

Athletic people may find this benefit needed as it provides best muscular power, response to exercise interventions and the most favorable performance during games or training.

Prerequisite To Using Potassium Supplements

Potassium supplementation is not for everybody. Thus, only your doctor can tell you if you need it or not. For those who have a low level of potassium in their body, you are most likely to experience some health challenges. Also, having too high potassium is equally harmful to your health too.

That is why you should talk to your doctor to know if you need it or not. Only those with potassium deficiency require its supplementation.


Best Potassium Supplements Reviews

Product Image
Our Rating
Best Naturals Potassium Gluconate Supplement[star rating="5"]Check Prices
Nature Made Potassium Gluconate[star rating="4.8"]Check Prices
NOW Potassium Citrate[star rating="4.5"]Check Prices
Nature's Bounty Potassium Gluconate 99 mg Caps, 100 ct, 2 pk[star rating="4.3"]Check Prices
Solaray Potassium Supplement[star rating="4"]Check Prices


1. Best Naturals Potassium Gluconate Supplement

Here is a top quality potassium supplement that offers 99 mg of active potassium mineral. It is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified product and also made in the USA. Therefore, if you are seeking a supplement that can promote muscle activity and offer all potassium is to provide, this is it.

Best Naturals Potassium Gluconate Supplement has no lactose, sugar, soy, egg, gluten, sodium, fish, corn, wheat, Yeast. Also, it has no artificial color, sweetener, flavor, and preservatives. What it offers are a heart and circulatory health support, muscle activity and nerve transmission improvement, and it supports electrolyte mineral balance.

Furthermore, this potassium supplement is capable of defeating malnutrition. Best Naturals Potassium supports Vitamin Angels, which is a nutrient that can reduce malnutrition in children below five to avoid death. Vitamin Angels are equally beneficial to pregnant women too as it provides enough of the vitamins both the former and later needs.

It has no artificials like colors, preservatives or sweetener
GMP certified supplement
Made in the USA
Easy to swallow
Good for the heart and circulatory health


2. Nature Made Potassium Gluconate

When you use the Nature Made Potassium Gluconate Supplement, you are doing your body a whole lot of good. Lack of potassium in the body can lead to various health issues, that is what this product has come to prevent. It ensures your heart health is good as well as your blood pressure.

Using this supplement will ensure water balance in your body. It also allows your muscle, nerve cell, and pH balance to function correctly. Additionally, it takes care of the kidney and blood sugar conversion, while it stores it in the glycogen form. Other essential duties this product serves is it supports adrenal function in the body and helps with the heart muscle activity control.

It is worthy to be mentioned that this product meets high-quality standards. It has no artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. It will also interest you to know that it is gluten, yeast, and Starch free supplement. With its formulation style, your body will quickly absorb the pills.

Verified by United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
Put together under strict manufacturing processes
Easy absorption
Gluten-free Product
Easy to swallow


3. NOW Potassium Citrate

If you need a means of maintaining cellular fluid levels and acid-base balance in your body, NOW Potassium Citrate supplement is exactly what you seek. It is a potassium supplement that is helpful with achieving a healthy heart function and a proper muscle contraction.

Furthermore, this product is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices), this means that the product is of reliable quality. It ensures your body gets a healthy pH and it also supports electrolyte balance in your body. Also, for proper muscular contraction, this is what you need to buy.

So, if you are deficient in potassium, then you may want to consider buying this product to help boost your potassium.

Certified by GMPSlightly larger pills compared to other potassium supplements
Helps achieve better heart health
Ensures proper muscular contraction
Effective for soothing cramps
May reduce blood pressure


4. Nature’s Bounty Potassium Gluconate 99 mg Caps, 100 ct, 2 pk

No doubt, potassium is vital for the blood’s mineral balance muscle activity, body water balance, and nerve transmission. So, if you are in need of any of these functions for your body, try Nature’s Bounty Potassium Gluconate Supplement.

Nature’s Bounty Potassium Gluconate Supplement is a laboratory tested product that is suitable for vegetarians to use. It contains no Gluten, Starch, sodium, milk, wheat, sugar, fish, soy or lactose.

Additionally, this high-quality product is free from artificial preservatives, colors or sweeteners. It is a beneficial product for the heart health and muscular contraction. It contains vegetable cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, and 2 percent silica.

Therefore, this is a good suggestion for those who lack potassium. If you are one of those, this product may do well as a dietary supplement.

Laboratory tested productMight be hard to swallow since it is uncoated
Vegetarian-friendly supplement
Free from artificial ingredients
Requires only a caplet daily
Supports fluid balance


5. Solaray Potassium Supplement

Solaray Potassium supplement is yet another beneficial product for your heart and your muscle health. It serves a lot of crucial functions in the body such as keeping its electrolyte levels balanced. Also, this supplement protects the central nervous system. This Solaray supplement does not react with soy, unlike other potassium supplements does.

Amino-acids are vital to acquiring proteins in the body; this product contains that component. This supplement takes care of your health at large. It is an affordable product which might be within your budget. Its manufacturer is known for making natural supplements; perhaps you can trust this product too.

Contains amino acidsContains more fillers than others of its type
Improves the muscle health
Protects the central nervous system
Helps the heart health
Balances electrolyte levels



While all five reviewed potassium supplements are useful and of good quality, Best Naturals Potassium Gluconate Supplement tops our list. Just like its alternatives, it contains 99 mg of active potassium mineral. However, it is void of unnecessary fillers like gluten, yeast, wheat, corn and so on. It is a GMP certified supplement which you can trust.

A unique component of this product is the Vitamin Angels. It ensures children below five and pregnant women do not suffer from malnutrition. It provides enough vitamins for them.

Further, this USA made product supports electrolyte mineral balance, muscle activity plus heart and circulatory health. I recommend all five products but this especially.

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