Best Multivitamins For Men Over 60 In 2022

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Updated: January 23, 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Multivitamins For Men Over 60 is, then I’d recommend the Centrum Silver Men as the best one.

Being over 60 years of age can be trying times for men. For one, all their youthful exuberance will be a thing of the past, and their bodies will begin to fail them. Thus, getting the best multivitamins for men over 60 would help to strengthen their immune system.

Top 5 Best Multivitamins For Men Over 60

1. Centrum Silver Men

2. Nature’s Way Alive Once Daily Men’s 50+ Ultra Potency Tablet

3. One A Day Men’s 50+ Healthy Advantage

4. Nature Made Multi For Him

5. New Chapter Every Man’s


Best Multivitamins For Men Over 60 Review

Best Multivitamins For Men Over 60


1. Centrum Silver Men, Age 50 and Older

Centrum Silver Men, Age 50 and Older

Our first product is the Centrum Silver men. It is one very reliable product around the globe today, and it lives up to its reputation.

Its major vitamins are vitamin D3, (alongside many other types of vitamin B), and its formula ensures that it caters to the health of aged men.

The pill contains properties that will over the years, improve the mental, cardio, and prostate health of the 60-year-old. Not only is this product handy, but it is also cost-effective as well. Meaning, that you get a quality product at a very affordable price. It is a win-win situation for all.

This product is recommended for men within this age range, so they can live a healthy old, and fulfilled life.

It contains over 200 pills that are smoothly coatedIt pills are too big and may be hard to swallow
It improves the energy and activeness of the 60-year-old men
It does not contain gluten
It is very cost effective and budget friendly
It prevents health complications that may affect the aged men later

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2. Nature’s Way Alive Once Daily Men’s 50+ Ultra Potency Tablet

Nature's Way Alive Once Daily Men's 50+ Ultra Potency Tablet

This product is a quality product, and it is a food-based multivitamin; meaning it can be added to the food. Its formula is correct.

With a balanced amount of all the key vitamins in it; the vitamins needed for the health improvement of this category of men (60-year-olds). It contains extracts for over 26 fruits and veggies, which it uses to create its complete solution.

You may prefer this brand if you like taking your supplements once a day, because, that is how it is meant to be taken. To make it easier to swallow, you might want to pound it a little, so it can slide down your throat.

Taking this supplement once a day gives its users the required dose of energy and vitality. Taking it daily will improve the health status of a 60-year-old man.

It contains over 60 pillsIt is not suitable for hypertension patients
It contains 23 vitamins extracts from over 26 fruits and veggiesThe pills are too big to swallow
One of its principal property is the high-potency B vitamin
It aids in energy immune system boosting

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3. One A Day Men’s 50+ Healthy Advantage

One A Day Men's Health Formula Multivitamin

The One-A-Day multivitamin is a product formulated to meet the health need of 60-year-olds. It contains all the essential ingredients they need to live healthy old lives. As the name implies, it is to be used once a day, anything other than this would amount to overdose.

Even when taken once a day, if more than the prescribed number of pills are given, then that also amounts to overdose.

One of its essential ingredients is Vitamin D and K which supports and promotes a healthy heart. As well as healthy blood pressure. But you should not replace with these supplements your other medications. They are a supplement and are meant to supplement other medications given.

The multivitamins are essential to promoting good healthIt may cause some side effects like skin breakout, as a result of the deficiency in B12
They are affordable, and they are also very reliable productsIt doesn’t contain iron for the blood
They work very fast in the body to produce speedy resultsIt has only to be taken with food, or feel nauseous.
It is also an energy booster

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4. Nature Made Multi For Him

Nature Made Multi For Him

The nature made multi for him is one of product you can rely on, for providing effective results at fantastic speed. It contains as many as 22 essential minerals and vitamins that work to improving the all-around health of 60-year-old men.

It also contains antioxidants which are found in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and selenium present in the Multivitamin. This product has no added herb or superfood, which makes it natural, and safe to consume. It does not contain any artificial color, or yeast, or even preservatives, and it is gluten-free.

It is a fantastic product that you should try out, plus it is very affordable and budget-friendly.

It contains over 90 tabletIt can only be during or after a meal, if not its user may feel nauseous
It is natural, and do not contain any artificial flavors preservative or yeast
It is gluten-free
It aids in boosting mental and physical health
It contains over 22 essential minerals and vitamins

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5. New Chapter Every Man’s

5. New Chapter Every Man's

The last (but also very active) product on the list is the New Chapter Every Man’s One daily 55+ men multivitamins. It is a quality product that caters to the health of elderlies.

It sources its ingredients from natural sources. Including organic whole fruits, and vegetables, and herbs. The design of the supplement supports and promotes healthy prostate and eye health.

It boosts and improves the immune system and cardiovascular function. It also improves digestive health and promotes health generally.

It works fast, and users of the vitamins will begin to see results in a short amount of time. The capsule is also easy to swallow and digest. Dispensing of the need to pound the pills into digestible bits.

It contains 90 pills that are easy to swallowOne of its unpleasant side effects includes cold
It aids and supports an excellent immune systemIt makes its users feel jittery
It is Non-GMO Project VerifiedIt is high on price
It is organic, making it safe to consume
It improves the general health of its user

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How To Choose The Best Multivitamin For Men Over 60?

Choosing the best multivitamin for seniors can be a somewhat tedious task. As some things have to be borne in mind when picking this product. One of the things you’d need to consider is his age.

Being this old, it goes without saying that his body and mind are failing him. So you would need to look for vitamins that have the properties to build his immune system and to prevent him from going senile.

First things first; you would need to give him a healthy diet. Because multivitamins without a healthy diet are a waste of time and money. Thus, when giving the old man his meals or when getting the multivitamins, here are some essential properties that are to be in the mix.


Osteoporosis-related fracture is common among men over 50 (according to the national institute of arthritis, musculoskeletal and skin disease). Calcium, thus, plays an essential role in keeping and maintain the integrity and healthy structure of the bone.

For men over 60, a dose of 1,200 mg of calcium a day should do the trick. You can get over 300 mg of calcium in a cup of skimmed milk and 415 mg in nonfat plain yogurt. You can also get calcium in cheeses, sardines, or salmons with bones in them, calcium-fortified bread, spinach and broccoli, and orange juice amongst others.

Rather than go through all the stress, you could get multivitamins with that amount of calcium in it.

Vitamin D

It is recommended that men over 60 take in an adequate amount of vitamin D daily. What vitamin D does is promote the absorption of calcium in the bone. It also helps in building the immune system and reducing inflammation.

For men over 60 and 70, a daily dose of 10 mcg of vitamin D daily will go a long way in boosting their health. Some vital food sources where you can get this vitamin include; salmon, tofu, eggs, vitamin D fortified milk, Orange Juice, cod liver oil, and margarine.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is essential for the formation of red blood cells. The inadequate intake of vitamin B12 may cause difficulty in absorption, as a result of the lack of acid in the stomach.

The lack of vitamin B12 also causes dementia, confusion, and imbalance, and also depression is among this age grade. When this vitamin is deficient, taking doses will be needed to cover this deficiency.

It is thus imperative that you find this property when getting the multivitamins. Also, it would be safe to consult your doctors when this issue arises, because it is a very serious matter. Let the doctor tell you what kind of vitamins to get.


A daily intake of zinc will be needed to keep the immune system of a 60-year-old man active. It would also help in the synthesizing of protein, promote cellular activity, and helps in the proper healing of wounds. Lack of this property may cause lack of appetite, taste abnormality, weight loss, and mental retardation. Thus, a daily dose of 11 mg of zinc a day, is the fix you need to correct this deficiency.

Other essential vitamins include;

Vitamin A, C, E, which fight against aging, heart-related problems, cancer, and eye-related issues. They also help in tissue generation

Vitamin K, which is also necessary for maintaining a healthy heart, bone, and clotting of blood. It also helps with inflammation management.

It is important to note that you can give the multivitamins (and it is recommended too), alongside food or meals with the same properties.

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Advantages And Benefits Of Multivitamins For Men Over 60

There are many benefits of taking the vitamins, some of which include;

1. Multivitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy bone.

Men over 60 always have bone-related problems. Thus a multivitamin with the right amount of calcium would be useful in supporting the bone

2. Another property that multivitamins have is vitamin D. It is also essential in the reduction of inflammation in the digestive tract of men over 60 (and it is common among them too). With the right dose of vitamin D, it can be avoided.

Vitamin D also maintains the integrity of the immune system and makes them remain active for a long while. While Vitamin B12 reduces the chances of dementia or confusion common among men over 60 with vitamin B12 deficiency.

3. Vitamin A, C, E also helps in maintaining a healthy heart. It prevents cancer and eye problems, and they help in tissue regeneration

4. Multivitamins also help in rapid blood clotting which in turn aids in the speedy healing of wounds and bruises on the skin of the men.

These are the significant benefits of taking the multivitamin; thus it is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind


Precautions When Using This Product

Although it is vital that men over 60 take these multivitamins regularly. They don’t come without effects, so it is imperative, thus, that you maintain some level of caution when giving these vitamins.

One of the precautions to be taken is to read the instructions on how to take these multivitamins, when it is appropriate for the multivitamins, and the dosage in which the vitamins should be taken.


Final Words On Best Multivitamin For Men Over 60

It is essential that aging men take multivitamins. So they can maintain a healthy body and mind while they age. If any vitamin is deficient or if any vitamin is lacking in his body, you may need to consult a doctor so that they could tell you the next step.

Always remember that most of these supplements are to be taken with meals so that they might be more effective. Finally, it is vital that you read the label on the multivitamin, so you can know how and when to administer these supplements.

While it is difficult to pick which one is the best from the above reviewed best supplements for men over 60 as they all come with so much goodness. Our highest recommendation goes to Centrum Silver Men.

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