What Are The Best L-Arginine Supplements Brand In 2019?

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Sometimes we live our lives pursuing fame and fortune and forget some of the little things that really matter. All the wealth and fame will amount to nothing if we don’t have the proper health to enjoy them.

Having a perfect bill of health is a full-time job. It involves eating the right food at the right time, exercising regularly, staying away from harmful habits, and yes, taking the right supplements.

Supplements serve as support substances for food. They support our internal organs and external body parts and ensure that they function properly.

L-Arginine supplement is one of such. It is an amino acid that has been proven to help relax blood vessels, migraines, inflammation, and several cardiovascular benefits.

I have put together a review of some Best L Arginine Supplements on the market. They are;

Our Rating
Extra Strength L-Arginine
[star rating="5"]Check Prices
NOW L-Arginine[star rating="4.7"]Check Prices
Jarrow Formulas L-Arginine[star rating="4.5"]Check Prices
Source Naturals L-Arginine L-Citrulline Complex[star rating="4.3"]Check Prices
GENIUS PRE WORKOUT[star rating="4"]Check Prices

What Is L-Arginine?

Best L-Arginine Supplements

L-Arginine is a protein. It is an acidic building block that the body requires to function properly. Some amino acids (like L-Arginine) are semi essential in nature. Sometimes, our bodies just do not produce as much as we need or we need more than our bodies produce, and that is why we require supplements.

L-Arginine is found in dairy products, red meat, fish poultry, and other protein-rich foods. High amounts of arginine are needed in our bodies when we have undergone a surgical procedure, suffered from trauma or burns.

Why You Need L-Arginine?

Arginine is an amino acid, and our bodies produce most of it naturally. Amino acids are bits of organic compounds which add up to form proteins and serve as building blocks for helping parts and organs of the body function properly. Amino acids exist in three forms; essential, non-essential and semi essential (conditional).

While our bodies produce all of the nonessential and most conditional amino acids (arginine) we require, essential amino acids can only come from food and supplements. This is why you need L-Arginine supplements to make up for what your body cannot produce naturally. Also, when you have an injury, stress or illness, you might require L-Arginine supplements to help repair tissues.

What L-Arginine Does For You?

L-arginine is an important supplement if your blood circulation is poor. Perhaps you suffer from cold hands or feet because of it, you might want to consider taking the supplement. It is also a very good supplement for your heart and ensures proper cardiovascular function.

When used with other supplements, arginine has been proven to help with erectile dysfunction according to studies. Other studies have associated L-Arginine with the improvement of kidney function, especially after a transplant. It helps weight loss, blood pressure, and muscular growth and function, amongst several other benefits.

Other benefits include;

Assisting with poor diet. As a supplement, it makes up for the defects of a poor diet by providing some of the blocks that a proper diet would’ve provided. If you’re someone who doesn’t eat red meat, poultry food, dairy products, fish, and some other arginine foods, you might want to consider taking a supplement.

Arginine also helps with physical performance. People engaged in sports and lots of physical activities would benefit from it. It stimulates growth hormone and can help bring about the lean muscles or upper hand you crave.

Things To Look Out For When Choosing An L-Arginine Supplement

There are several L-Arginine supplements on the market. Picking the right one can be a major task. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a product;

Brand Popularity

When you’re shopping for the right L-Arginine supplement or any other thing for that matter, it is important to go for a brand that has a proven track record. You can ask questions and talk to your doctor or check authentic reviews online.


It is equally important to check the label to see what ingredients were used. It is best to go for a product with as few additives as possible. A supplement is best when it is made with natural ingredients, except for when extracts and other vitamins are needed to help with absorption.

Safety/Side Effects

Also to look out for is the safety of the product. You should check for possible side effects and how people who have used it reacted to it. If you’re not sure about a particular side effect, you should see your doctor. Where there is an ingredient that is harmful to you in any way, it is best to stay away from such products.

How To Best Use L-Arginine?

While there is no standard dose for l-arginine intake, several studies have proposed an average dosage of 2 grams per day. However, depending on your condition and treatment, a smaller or larger dose could be recommended.

L-Arginine supplements usually come in the form of capsules and powder. Where it is powder, using between 1 or 2 scoops on a glass of water would do. Other times, your doctor may advise that you use with other supplements or other liquid substances apart from water.

Concerns and Precautions

While L-arginine has been proven to be very effective, it is not recommended for everyone. Pregnant women and younger people may be advised to desist from taking L-arginine. Also, side effects such as cramps, nausea, diarrhea, allergies, and symptoms of asthma have been noticed with l-arginine supplement usage.

It may also cause low blood pressure and noticeable changes in glucose and blood levels. You are advised to see your doctor if you notice any of such symptoms.

Best L-Arginine Supplements Products Review

1. Extra Strength L-Arginine

Produced by Havasu Nutrition, the Extra Strength L-Arginine Supplement boasts the ability to boost muscle growth, vascularity, and give much-needed energy. Two forms of arginine; Arginine HCI and Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate combine with a nitric oxide producer to give an improved physical performance and a functional internal system.

The supplement helps relax blood vessels and blood circulation, ensuring that more energy flows to your crucial organs such as the brain, lungs, and heart.

Contains all-natural ingredients with no artificial additivesComplaints about the size of capsule
Contains two forms of L-Arginine
Contains 60 capsules, each a little less than an inch
It is gluten free
Each capsule contains 1,200mg each
100% manufacturer’s money-back guarantee


2. NOW L-Arginine

This is a supplement that is most notable for its ability to help synthesize DNA. It contains arginine and other value based ingredients such as stearic acid, cellulose, and croscarmellose sodium. It is coated with silica and vegetables. It contains mostly natural ingredients with no presence of wheat, gluten, fish or tree nuts ingredients.

Contains 1,000mg per servingSome users have suggested no effect after use
Locally made in the United States
It is fully natural with no harmful additives
Contains pycnogenol and L-Citrulline
Reported to boost sexual performance


3. Jarrow Formulas L-Arginine

This product packages the goodness of L-arginine in a bottle containing 100 tablets of 1000 mg each. You’re expected to take one pill per day so you can have it for more than 3 months. It is suitable for building muscles and helps with blood circulation. It is also known to increase energy levels by a great amount. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Helps to enhance energy levelsThe capsule is relatively large
Suitable for blood circulation and oxygen flowSome users complain about the strong odor
Budget friendly compared to other brands
Contains 100 capsules per bottle
Convenience as you only require one capsule per day


4. Source Naturals L-Arginine L-Citrulline Complex

Source Naturals contain two powerful amino acids, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. These combine to bring about an effective supplement that helps develop nitric oxide in the body for blood circulation and relaxing blood vessels. It is also a great supplement for getting rid of ammonia and helping with intense physical activity. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Supports heart functionLarge capsule might be difficult to swallow
Great for enhanced blood and energy circulation
Combination of two amino acids which helps with liver detoxification




Pre-workout comes in an easily dissolvable nootropic powder that contains only safe doses of performance enhancers. It performs multiple functions including enhancing mental alertness and physical performance. It sorts of creates a brain to muscle connection that ensures that the functionality flows naturally from the brain.

Does not contain caffeineSome users reported that it didn't work for them
Natural energy and muscle-building enhancer
No artificial flavors, dyes, sweeteners or proprietary blends
Natural ingredients ensures it has a good taste
Dissolves easily, and preferred for easy absorption



Our Choice For The Best L-Arginine Supplements, for obvious reasons, is, Extra Strength L-Arginine.

Although the capsule is large, it is not the biggest pill you’ve had to take. Plus, if you’re guaranteed safety, sound health and a properly functioning body, the size can be overlooked. This brand meets our requirements for preferred choice and you might want to try it out.

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