What Is The Best Ketogenic Diet Book In 2019?

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If you plan to start on the keto diet or have started already, one thing you should really get is the ketogenic diet book. You may have probably even had to go through tons of books in search of the perfect guide to get the best ketogenic transitioning as well as the best results.

Finding the perfect guide to your keto transitioning, we know, can be quite tough and sometimes, even overwhelming. This article, however, will compile and review a list of five of the best books you can get as a guide to a great and profitable ketogenic transitioning.

Here are the five best ketogenic diet book which will be reviewed in this article:


Our Rating
The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners[star rating="5"]Check Prices
The Keto Diet[star rating="4.8"]Check Prices
The Big 15 Ketogenic Diet Cookbook[star rating="4.6"]Check Prices
The Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet Cookbook[star rating="4.4"]Check Prices
[star rating="4"]Check Prices

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

What Is The Best Ketogenic Diet Book

A Ketogenic Diet is a diet which is low on carbs and very high in fats. This diet ensures that the body, which naturally uses carbohydrates as its primary source of energy, begins to use fats instead. This would result in the body producing ketones and hence, entering into a state which is known as ketosis.

This diet was first developed about a hundred years ago as a means of treating epileptic people. Today, it is used to get rid of excess weight as well take care of a number of other health concerns.

Why Do You Need The Best Ketogenic Diet Book?

There are quite a number of reasons why it is important to get a Ketogenic Diet book. First of all, if you are just beginning to transition into ketosis, it is certain that without proper guidance, you cannot get the best results from your keto transitioning.

This is because the keto diet expects you to follow certain quantities of different kinds of food in order to be able to achieve the right amount of fats in your body as well as the right amount of protein and carbohydrates.

Secondly, transitioning to ketosis can be a difficult experience for some people. This transitioning could come with side effects such as the popular keto flu as well as others like heart palpitations, cramps, constipation and even the loss of your hair. Getting the right guide to your keto transitioning will make it a lot easier to deal with a number of these experiences.

In summary, a Ketogenic Diet book will be very instrumental to making sure that you get a smooth transitioning to ketosis and that you achieve the results you looked forward to.

Five Best Ketogenic Diet Books

1. The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

This book designed especially for beginners is one of the best guides you can get to a ketogenic diet. With this, you can make the most delicious meals by yourself at home. Following this book will make sure that you still have enough energy even after eating that favorite meal. Not like the tired feeling you must have had many times.

Here, unhealthy ingredients have been replaced with wholesome ones to ensure that you are in the best health condition. This book will help you to easily adapt to a healthy lifestyle and have the best eating habits. What’s more? You will find yourself reaching ketosis quicker, more smoothly and more easily. You no longer have to deal with that fatigue or bloating that can come after you have had your meals.

You will absolutely love how this book can help you walk into a healthier life with foods that are way more wholesome than the ones yo have been used to.

It is a great guide for beginners.
Some people may find it difficult, at the beginning, to give up the foods they are used and adopt the new, healthier ones.
It will help you to develop healthier eating habits.
You will still be able to make and eat delicious meals.
It will ensure that you reach ketosis and that you achieve the results you expected at the beginning.

2. The Keto Diet

This Ketogenic Diet book is just about everything you need for a guide to the perfect keto transitioning. From Leanne Vogel who runs the acclaimed Healthful Pursuits website, this Ketogenic Diet book brings us a complete guide to health and wellness as well as others like weight loss.

This book provides you with what you need to enable you to develop a personalized nutrition plan. This book will not give you the ‘one size fits all’ pattern so you can be sure that your personal needs will be catered to. This will not give you the many restrictions which you might expect from a traditional keto diet as it comes with a number of interesting recipes ranging from chicken crisp to the keto sandwich bread to Bacon-Wrapped Mini Meatloaf to chicken hot pie and a number of other mouthwatering recipes.

It also includes 5 28-day meal plans that will help you go easily through a whole month of eating only diets that will lead you to ketosis. You will see a list of foods which you should eat and a list of those you should not as well how to reduce inflammation. If you are looking for the perfect guide to your keto transitioning, you just might have found it.

This Ketogenic Diet book comes complete with recipes to help you transition with ease.
People who are new to the Ketogenic Diet journey may find this book a bit too advanced to work with.
It shows you how to reduce inflammation
It does not restrict you to the traditional keto diet recipes yet still ensures you reach ketosis.
It helps you to develop a personalised nutrition plan.
The book is written by a health educator who also has struggled with and overcome health and weight issues with the keto diet.

3. The Big 15 Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

This one is a cookbook which takes fifteen essential ingredients of the Ketogenic Diet and gives you recipes which are centered around those. This book shows you, in detail, just you can make those keto themed meals to reach your desired end. Hence, whether you are new to the process or you do not know how to cook, this Ketogenic Diet book will work just right for you.

And no, this recipes will not force you to give up every single thing you love eating for the traditional keto diet. The recipes here are mouthwatering too, very. These recipes include keto meatloaf, Santa Fe Frittata, cauliflower pizza, Keto Chicken Cordon Bleu, BLT wraps and a number of other foods you will love.

From Megan Flynn Peterson, this book is a must-have for every person who is new to the keto diet or who finds themselves stuck somewhere.

This book works perfect for even people who have never really learnt to cook.
Even beginners will find it easy to use.
It does not restrict you to the traditional keto diet.
The recipes are clear and very easy to understand.

4. The Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

This cookbook is just what you need if you want to embark on the Ketogenic lifestyle. This book comes with 175 solid recipes which are high in fat and low in carbs and will help you to go through your keto journey profitably.

This cookbook will also help you to save money because it provides tips on where you can shop for affordable ingredients. If your budget is low, therefore, this book will work perfectly for you. The recipes are also very easy to prepare and enjoy.

With this book, you know exactly the things to throw out of your fridge and the things to keep or replace with. It comes too with lists of vegetables, fruits and other things you need along with the net carb counts of those things.

This cookbook from Amanda Hughes, a Ketogenic chef in New England, contains everything you need to have a smooth keto journey. If you plan to begins with the keto diet or if you have begun already, this cookbook is a must-have for you.

This cookbook comes with many recipes you can choose from.
It provides lists of fruits as well as condiments and vegetables which would be helpful to you.
It will work just well for you even if you are on allow budget.
The recipes are easy to prepare
It will help make your keto journey smooth and easy


This one is a detailed guide to preparing healthy meals as well as to deal with the excess weight issues as well as many other health issues. This book which is written by a dietitian named Teresa McCain will give you all the knowledge you need about building healthy eating habits and hence, living a healthier life.

This comes with more than 100 hundred delicious meal plans which means that you do not have to stay off eating delicious meals just to reach ketosis. These meals are also very easy to prepare and so whether you are a pro chef or just a learner, you can do this. It also includes the recommended amounts of food as well as the right amount of calories to take.

There are also 20 great dessert recipes you can use when you want to eat something sweet. Every single recipe on this plan is something you are going to love and not just because they taste great but because they can help you shed the unwanted weight as well as reach ketosis easily. With this book, leaving a healthier life just got a lot easier. If you have been thinking of how you can build healthier eating habits, lose the excess weight or generally get healthier, this Ketogenic Diet book will do you so much good.

It allows you still have a number of very delicious mealsThe book does not list fiber
You can have sweet indulgences from time to time
Some people say they have not found meals which they would live to eat in this book.
It will help you to easily build healthier eating habits.
It lets you know the amount of food as well as the amount of calories you need to take.
The recipes provided are easy and will work great for you whether or not you have top-notch cooking skills.
It will help you to easily reach ketosis


Beginning the keto journey is one thing, getting it right is another thing. The above reviewed Ketogenic Diet books are some of the best ones which can help to make your keto journey smooth and profitable. Every single one of these books will be a great asset to you.

However, The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners which is the first on our list and which we have given the highest rating is which we consider best. If you have been looking for the perfect guide to a smooth keto journey, we believe this article will be of so much help to you.

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