Best Garden Hose Reel In 2019

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Are you a garden owner?

Gone are the days when garden hoses were manually rolled, and you had to mess up your hands and clothes doing so before stowing it away for storage.

And when you had to use it again, the same process continues. If your answer to the opening question is a yes, you know the importance of the best garden hose reel. The garden hose reel helps you to conveniently store your garden hose so that it can be easily used at the time of need.

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Types of Garden Hose Reels

Garden hose reels come in four basic types – wall mounted, retractable, stand-alone and cart.

This is like the foremost consideration as it will affect where you will keep it, how often will you use it, how strong it needs to be and how much hose you have. Let’s look into the four basic types of garden hose reels.

1. Wall Mounted Reel

This type of garden hose reel comes in either parallel, perpendicular, or both.

With the parallel mount, the garden hose will pull out along the side of a wall. And a perpendicular mount pulls the garden hose straight out and away from a wall. This is the type of reel you will have to mount to a wall; thus you may have to be sure you’re comfortable with that.

But, it is an ideal choice of hose reel unit when you don’t need to move the reel with you from one location to another.

2. Stand Alone

A stand-alone hose reel can be seen as an opposite version of a wall mounted reel. It comes in a box form. And is a perfect choice for garden owners that are against attaching a reel to the wall of their house. But still, seek a storage system that can hold a lot of hoses.

A notable advantage of the reel-style is the unique design that allows them to blend into your landscaping. Thereby hiding the hose and keeping them out of sight. With this box-like storage, you can be sure that your hose is well protected from the weather and elements.

3. Retractable Reel

This for me is one of the best forms of hose reels. Generally, they are portable and come with their own hose, swivel mount, and nozzle. Their hose is usually lightweight.

This style of hose reel doesn’t need you to crank a handle to take the hose back in after pulling it out; it does so automatically. That is an ideal choice for quick and light work, and may not be recommended for heavy duty.

4. Wheeled Cart

This is another type of hose reel holder that offers the convenience of being able to move your hose reel from one location to another. This is likewise a perfect reel option for garden owners that like to keep their equipment inside.

A wheeled cart holder can easily be used to roll hoses to a shed or garage as the case may be. This also comes in handy for large yards or gardens, plant nurseries or commercial gardens. This is partly because most of them have the capacity of holding hoses of 400 feet and above. They usually come with pneumatic tires and this makes moving almost effortless.


Factors to Consider when Buying a Garden Hose Reel

1. Length of hose

One of the foremost things to consider is the length of your hose. Hoses come in a variety of length and so does hose reels. As a rule of thumb, longer hoses such as 100ft and above will need a heavy duty water hose reel.

But, a smaller hose can work with a garden hose hanger. One of the ways to knowing the needed length is to measure the length of your garden and the distance between your water source and the garden. This will help you choose the right length of the hose reel.

2. Portability

This factor is dependent on your gardening or watering needs. On how large or small your property is, or the number of gardens contained therein. Stationery or wall mounted hose reel is well suited for small yards.

But, when it comes to a large property or having two or more garden, you need a hose reel that is versatile and portable. This is because you will have to be carrying it around for an unlimited gardening or watering experience.

A portable hose reel goes a long way to make it less physically demanding, faster and easier to water your plants and flowers.

3. Durability

Nobody wants to buy a hose reel that won’t last. This makes durability a very important feature of any garden hose reel, and as such it’s not to be overlooked. This is why the type of materials used to manufacture your unit is very critical.

Generally, hose reels made of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel tend to last longer compared to other materials. This is especially important if your hose storage is outside and exposed to the weather. Such as the elements associated with winter and summer.

These materials make your hose reel breakage-free, rust-free, non-kink, linkage-free, and weather resistant.


Best Hose Reel Reviews

Best Garden Hose Reel


Editor Review 1

[amazon box=”B01ISJ4F3M” title=”1. HOSELINK Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel”]

Watering the garden has never been easier with the Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel. This is one hose reel that comes in a design that makes watering any garden become pleasurable and comfortable. With its high-quality spring-loaded hose for easy and quick retractions and extensions.

With an automatic rewind system, the compact Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel is the perfect watering solution any gardener desires. As it allows you to neatly coil the hose after watering.

It comes in a compact and stylish design that makes it readily and easily mountable and can be easily put away as well – when done with watering.

It also comes free of unruly hose tangles and kink associated with loads of other reels. You can easily tell that this wall-mountable hose reel unit is one the most durable in the market with its tough build of UV stabilized ABS plastic casing featuring stainless steel hardware, robust nylon connectors, and smooth white exterior.

The Hoselink hose reel offers an impressive 82 ft. of hose, and this, in turn, allows for a wide reach and extension. Few hoses in the market can boast of this.

It’s portable and comfortable to carryIts installation is a little complex
It is solidly built
It has a smooth rewind and pull out function
The hose is spring-loaded
It has a very good length of hose
Its hose fittings are easy to connect

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Editor Review 2

[amazon box=”B00215LFZQ” title=”2. Liberty Garden Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel”]

One equipment that I can say makes it a great option for any garden owner is the Liberty Garden 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel.

Liberty Garden is one brand that has over fifteen years been known to provide a variety of quality products for commercial distributors, home gardeners, and professional gardeners.

This model comes in a unique construction and features that give it an advantage over its competitors. Its cast aluminum construction and non-rust powder coating finish have over the years proven tough and ultra-grade. And as such allows for unparalleled durability.

Its construction also features a shelf design for quick access to fittings such as nozzles and others. This reel features a 5-feet of leader hose and allows for easy assembly to your to walls. And can hold as much as 125-feet of 5/8- garden hose.

All you have to do is attach the handle and afterward mount on your wall. Its design fits well into any kind of space. And its reel allows for effortless and easy gliding and rolling it back.

The 7-inch x 14-inch shelf it comes with is perfect for holding your watering and garden tools. It weighs 11.6 pounds and measures 15″ x 22.8″ x 15.4″. Its mounting holes measure 13 1/2″ vertically on-center and 16″ horizontally on-center. Other amazing features lookout for are its brass swivel, and very smooth winding capability.

It is weather resistantIts hand crank is lose
It is easy to use
It comes fully assembled

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Editor Review 3

[amazon box=”B01GFA35MI” title=”3. Goodyear Enclosed Retractable Air Compressor/Water Hose Reel”]

The Goodyear Enclosed Retractable Water Hose Reel is a garden hose reel that has a lot to offer when it comes to a watering solution.

This equipment is made of high-quality impact-resistant hybrid polymer, polypropylene. This singular feature positions it as one of the best hose reels available in the market. It also features a superior bend radius for easy elimination of kinks.

Its structural strength is amazing. With high-quality plastic housing and stronger components that help it to last long. It features swivel and hose inlet connections seal that makes it resistant against leaks. It also comes with a latching mechanism that automatically locks the hose at your desired length, to avoid it from automatically recoiling. And its attached swivel bracket can allow for mounting on ceilings or walls with a 180-degree rotation.

With a weight of 13 pounds, it is lightweight and can be comfortably carried and easy assembled and mounted.

Its auto locking system is comfortable to work withThe hose end is not efficiently crimped
It is lightweight

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Editor Review 4

[amazon box=”B00GVE9XCK” title=”4. Liberty Garden Steel Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel”]

If you are looking for a hose reel with a fine appeal, you may want to consider this the Liberty Garden 708 Steel Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel.

As is common to every garden products, this liberty garden model features beautiful detailing and design that suits every type of garden. This wall mount hose reel comes in a steel construct, with a stainless material coating so you can expect it to last for a long time.

Also, it features a powder coating that fortifies the product against the weather and elements. This way, you can be sure that your hose reel cannot be harmed by any weather conditions.

It comes fully assembled, and with brass fittings that allow you to connect it to the wall. It also features a convenient storage tray on its top to keep your gardening tools and stuff assembled in an organized manner. It is necessary to be certain of the location you want this reel to be mounted, as it is not meant to be portable but fixed in a permanent place. Make sure your choice of location is central to your yard or garden.

It comes in a beautiful designLeaks are noticed from the 90 degree elbow
It is easy to installIt does not come with mounting hardware
It comes fully assembled
It is rust resistant

[amazon fields=”B00GVE9XCK” value=”button”]


Final Words On Best Water Hose Reel

No doubt all the above-listed products are among the best-rated garden hose reels available into the market. But, my best-rated product goes to [amazon link=”B01ISJ4F3M” title=”HOSELINK Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel”/] . This is one reel that has over the years dominated the market, and one reason is that it only employs the use of high-quality materials.

They come in a compact design which fulfills one of the important features for buying a hose reel. Of what would a tool be if can’t be easily operated. This is to say that the [amazon link=”B01ISJ4F3M” title=”HOSELINK Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel”/] comes in an easy-to-mount wall plate, and can easily be used.

This applies to both left-hand and right-handed users. So, if you what you seek is the best garden hose reel that is worth the buck, then look no further!

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