Best Essential Oil Brands In 2019

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Getting the best essential oils is no easy task; I mean, it’s not as if there is an FDA regulating body that will check if the oil is perfect for you or not. Which is why you’ll need some good detective skills, (and by detective I mean, the ability to accurately examine a product), for you to get the best products out there.

So I’ll be giving you five of the best essential oil brands that are good for you, they include;

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Acure The Essentials Argan OilClick To Check Price
Lavender Essential Oil by Sun EssentialsClick To Check Price
Hormones for Women Organic Essential Essential Oil from Ancient ApothecaryClick To Check Price
Beard Oil by Mountaineer BrandClick To Check Price
Sandalwood Best Essential OilClick To Check Price


What is Essential Oil?

Best Essential Oil Brands

The essential oil is merely an extract from a species of plant. These are oil that is gotten from plants of a particular species that have a specific health benefit to the body.

Making the essential oil is hard because, first of all, not all plant has this essential oil in them. If you find a plant with this essential oil in them, however, it will be hard to extract the oil, because the oil is located in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or even roots of the plant, and to remove the oil, you’ll need some special tools.

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How To Choose Essentials?

Choosing the best rated essential oils shouldn’t be an issue this should be one of the easiest steps to take when selecting your essential oil brands. There might be so many mixed products in the market, so here’s how you choose your essential oil;

The first thing to do is look at the label of your product; it reveals all the details you would want about the product, including how it is made, its botanical name (Latin name), the source of the plant (country of origin, the expiration, and distillation process of the plant. Whether the plant was dry or fresh and all the other relevant information you will need.

Next, you’ll need to verify your product; do a test run of the product, ask questions as to its side effects and the mode of testing of the oil by the manufacturers. These questions will help you make up your mind faster.

Before you go out to buy any product, always research on the product, and the source of the product, it will determine whether the product is good or not. And also, research the company that made the product, ensure that their ethics and practices are up to social standard

Always remember that it is the herb in the oil that produces the result, so choose a species (herb) that will blend and make a good, long-lasting effect on you.

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The Advantages And Benefits Of Using Essential Oils

Some of you may be wondering the benefits of this oil, what the advantages of using the essential oil are? Perhaps you would understand the benefit of the essential oil if you consider the fact that they are purely organic and natural. Anyways, how about I tell you some of the benefits of the essential oil.

1. The oil is a good hormone balancer. What it does is that it balances the progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid and cortisol level in the human body. Balancing the hormones is a good thing if you’re trying to get rid of early menopause and infertility.

2. With the antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial contents, the oil serves as a good booster and protector of the immune system. These antibodies are the perfect bodies to fight against infections.

3. Not only does the oil fight against bacterial and viral infection, but the oil also aid digestion, by maintaining a proper gastrointestinal level, one that is able to metabolize food that is hard to break down quickly.

4. Have you ever had problems with your energy level, or maybe once in a while you feel drained like you have no energy in you? Then oil might be right for you. It has some energy giving properties that boost the strength of a person whose strength is depleted.

5. The oil also has cognitive functions property; it has the feature that increases the mental power, and aids for cognition and quick assimilation of information.

6. One important benefit of the oil is to beautify the skin and boost the health of the skin, as well as the hair growth.

7. Using the oil also aids in relieving headaches and migraines, as well as abdominal pains

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The Best Ways To Use Essential Oil

There are so many ways to use the essential oil, but there very few ways in which you can use the oil so that it will be useful.

1. The first way you can use the oil is by inhaling the oil. You put the oil in hot water; when it is diffused, you can inhale the product. There is one flaw to look out for; if you inhale the product for so long, then you might experience headaches and dizziness, as well as nausea.

2. You could also bath the oil; this way it will work well on your skin. How you do it to a bath is to, mix the oil in milk or sesame oil (these are emulsifiers), then add it to the water. The other benefits would include, proper blood circulation, relieving of nervousness and tension, amongst other things

3. You can also use the oil as massaging oil, this way it will work on your skin and give you that evergreen glow. It also improves the health of the heart

4. You could compress the oil in a piece of cloth and use it on wounds and bruises for easy and quick healing

5. You could use it during your facial steam therapy to get rid of headaches, sinuses as well as skin treatment


Best Essential Oil Brands Review


1. Acure The Essentials Argan Oil [star rating=”5″]

Looking for an oil that can give you the perfect glow and healthy skin, within a short space of time? Then you might want to try the ACURE essential oil. It has a quick skin absorb feature which is workings very fast and effective.

Another useful feature of the oil you might like is the fact that it corrects that aging look, by getting rid of the lines and bags on the face and under the eye.

The oil contains vitamin E, some essential fatty acid, and a good dose of protein (amongst other things) that helps to maintain the texture and tone of the skin.

You might also like the fact that the oil, does not select a skin type and can be used by white, blacks and any other shade of skin color on the market.

It helps to maintain the skin tone and textureThe oil might be too thin and may not have its full effect
It is good on all skin type and shade
It gives you that anti-aging look


2. Lavender Essential Oil by Sun Essentials

If you want an essential oil that would give you both the impact and the unique aura (perfume), then you should consider the Lavender essential oil. The Lavender essential oil is one of the naturally scented oil on the market today. It has a dry and alcoholic feel on the skin, that makes it so smooth and comfortable, something you might love.

For your convenience, there is a pipette that comes alongside. The oil, works well on the skin, giving your skin a nice glow. It also works well on headaches and skin cracks and tone maintenance, as well as moisturizing the skin.

The oil comes with a good perfumeWhen ingested, it might cause constipation to its users
It works well on the skin, for skin glow and tone and texture maintenance
The oil also comes with a pipette for your convenience


3. Hormones for Women Organic Essential Essential Oil from Ancient Apothecary

One of the features of this essential oil that may tickle your ribs is that it is certified therapeutic and organic oil, that ensures robust and effective results.

One of the distinguishing features of this oil is that is good for hormone correction and balancing, reducing the chances of early menopause.

For stress and anxious ladies, this might be your fix as this oil clears the skin and gives your skin the perfect tone it needs. You might also like the fact that not only does the oil make the skin bright, it also works on a brain, relaxing it and giving ladies the beauty sleep they deserve.

With properties made from thyme, the feel on the skin is soothing and soft; another feature you may like.

It helps in hormone correction for ladiesIt is skin selective, and people with skin incompatibility may experience skin irritation
It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety after a stressed feel day
It has a soothing feeling on the skin


4. Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand

If you like the smell of the forest, then you might like this essential oil. The scented cedar wood and fir needle feature makes it unique and gives it that unique smell that most people would want, luckily the scent isn’t overwhelming, it hinted with it.

Another distinctive feature that the men may like is its ability to grow beards without breaking and flaking; beards that are healthy and thick, and it also keeps the beard hydrated. This product is something most men won’t pass down.

Not just the beards, the oil also works on the skin to keep it hydrated and moisturized, and this reduces the breaking of the skin around the beards.

It works good on beards, making it sleek and breaks lessIt is for external use only
It has a slightly woody scent that makes it scent like the forest
Keeps the skin around the beard moisturized


5. Sandalwood Best Essential Oil

Maybe you might appreciate this product when you consider some of its benefits. One of the benefits include the fact that it works on and boosts the mental and memory capacity of its users, something stressed out, and people with difficulties to concentrate may find one to get in on for better cognitive efficiency.

This feature is gotten from the sandalwood that has soothing and calming properties, with the ability to harmonize all the information that comes to the mind.

Since the oil has antioxidant properties, it the oil has the feature to be able to clear out the toxins in the skin so that your skin stays radiant instead filled with radiation from pollution.

The oil has antioxidant properties that keep the body toxic freeYou cannot ingest this oil (for topical use only)
The oil boosts the cognitive ability of its users
The sandalwood has a soothing feature that calms the mind


Final Words On Best Essential Oils To Buy

The thing with essential oil is that they are beneficial to the body (health wise of course), but one thing that you should always look out for is the fact that they are so many fake out there, which is why you would have to follow the buying guideline when you are buying the oil.

The essential oil is one of the nature most precious way of caring for our health, but we must ensure that we use what nature has given us right, which is why manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to make the good and authentic essential worth its worth.

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