9 Amazing Health Benefits of Probiotics

Health is an essential commodity for any well to do individual in the society. In fact, if you want to work and contribute to society, it will be pertinent that you keep your health. Most of the times, the infections could be generic, in that, some persons may be carrying some abnormalities or family disability that may be detrimental to their health.

What Are Probiotics?

The probiotic (friendly bacteria) are bacteria that are present in some supplements and fermented foods, and it performs some functions similar to the immune system, which goes on to prevent some inherent health issues.

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Here Are Some Of The Health Benefits Of Probiotics

Health Benefits of Probiotics

1. Probiotics Are Balancing Agents

They help to balance the friendly bacteria in your digestive tract: many of you may not know this but, the body crawls with friendly and unfriendly bacteria. Although the immune system is in place to help stop and limit the effects of some of the unfriendly bacteria, it usually cannot fend off all the bacteria, and if it could, then we wouldn’t have been falling sick.

That is where the probiotics come in. Since scientist considers the probiotic as good bacteria (and you should too), it would only mean therefore that the probiotic would help immensely to the overall health of the body, and by naturally balancing the gut bacteria.

Where there is an imbalance, it means that too much of the harmful bacteria have taken over the body. It will be the duty of the probiotic (the good bacteria) to effect some balance in the body. This can only be because, in an instance where there is an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria, with the harmful bacteria overshadowing the good bacteria, the possibility of having getting affected health-wise, is 80%.

To get more of this probiotic, (if you don’t have sufficient probiotics in your body) get a supplement or a fermented meal with surplus probiotics, and you’re right back on track.

2. They Help To Prevent And Are An Excellent Treatment For Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a disease common in the 3rd world and some 2nd world countries today. Diarrhea is a bacteria itself you get from eating contaminated food or snacks.

But contaminated meals and snacks are not the only way of getting diarrhea, even in developed countries, when using some of their antibiotics, the common side effects of using the medicine are diarrhea.

Now, we all know how discomforting diarrhea can, your stool becomes watery and what not, sometimes it is tough to take out the garbage (if you know what I mean); this can be a real problem.

When you have diarrhea, it distorts the balance of the good and bad bacteria negatively. So the probiotic (like we saw in the first health benefit) works on diarrhea, and over the long run, prevents diarrhea.

Some scientists are of the opinion that this probiotic should be part of the antibiotic drugs and medication to fight against diarrhea, and I agree with them, and the reason is that the probiotic in antibiotic reduces every diarrhea that associates with antibiotics, to a  rate of 42%.

Other research also shows that the probiotic also helps fight diarrhea not associated with antibiotics, and there at least 35 strains of probiotics that reduce diarrhea’s effects in 25 hours.

For travelers, the probiotic minimizes the diarrhea risk by 8%, in children, 57% and 26% in adults. The bottom line is this; irrespective of where diarrhea comes from, the probiotic can effectively reduce its risk factor.

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3. Probiotics Found In Supplements Are Conducive And Useful For Health Issues

Probiotics Found In Supplements Are Conducive And Useful For Health Issues

For those of you out there who may not know this, it is pertinent that you know that gut health links up to your mental health. Put that differently; if you have a healthy stomach, digestive tract and everything in your core are healthy, it will affect the health of your brain. Now you know what you know, who among you know how gut health affects brain health.

When you take supplements with probiotic, it balances the bacteria and improves the mental health, by trying to correct the disorder. When you take supplements with lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, over time (like for a month or two), you begin to see some real improvements from a depressed, anxious and autistic state to a more relaxed and approachable state.

It also works on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). How it works is that the probiotic reduces the hormones, like insulin, it decreases the C-reactive protein level and depression level, and before you know it, you’re as good as new.

All in all, you get a milestone improvement from the state of depression, anxiety, autism, stress and memory loss, when you take in more the probiotic.

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4. Heart Health

Heart Health

Some of the major causes of a heart attack today is stress, high blood pressure (HBP), and high cholesterol levels (amongst other things). Where there is limited probiotic in your body, you may be prone to such attacks. But where is a sufficient amount of probiotics in your body, then why won’t the heart will function adequately?

These particular kinds of probiotic help to reduce blood and cholesterol level. They are some specific kind of lactic bacteria that produce acid, which breaks down the bile in the gut to lower the cholesterol levels. When the probiotic break down the bile, it prevents re-absorption by the stomach of the broken down bile, thus avoiding the cholesterol from entering the blood again.

There is at least a hand full of probiotic strains that can reduce the blood level exponentially and some researchers even say that some of this probiotic provide the blood with HDL, which is good cholesterol.

After numerous researches, some researchers finally came to the conclusion that although the probiotic reduces blood pressure and cholesterol level, it is only moderately, and you should not expect that it completely eradicates blood pressure.

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5. Reduces The Intense Nature Of Skin Diseases Such As Eczema And Some Allergies

Reduces The Intense Nature Of Skin Diseases Such As Eczema And Some Allergies

Eczema and allergies are most common among children. It is natural, as children usually play on the dirt and become dirty. There are specific strains of the probiotic that works well in reducing the harsh effects of eczema and allergies.

Studies revealed that probiotic in supplemented milk that is fed to infant and children could do a lot of good in almost wholly getting rid of eczema. To be sure that this isn’t a hoax, you can compare a kid who takes the probiotic-supplemented milk and a kid who doesn’t make the probiotic-supplemented dairy (although I’m in no way suggesting that you should go around looking at peoples’ kids).

In yet another studies, it was also revealed that, when a woman is pregnant, and she take probiotic supplements, she reduces the baby’s risks of having specific allergies and eczema after birth by 83%, which is good, when you want to consider the level of importance the society puts on having clear skin.

Although it may seem that the probiotic is suitable for children (which it is), the severity however between the probiotic and the eczema is still weak and will need to be looked upon. For allergies, some probiotic have the effects of reducing inflammations people may have towards dairy milk. Evidence on this is still weak.

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6. Probiotics For Gut health

Do you know that the thought of having a painful experience is more painful than the experience itself? When you begin to feel symptoms concerning a thing, say for inflammation or a digestive disability, you also begin to find out that, the symptoms are worse than the real thing itself

In America today, over a million people suffer from some deadly diseases like the Crohn’s diseases, or the ulcerative colitis and sometimes even the inflammatory bowels. All these diseases are unbearable, and can sometimes lead to death.

But we have come to know that some strains of probiotics such as the Lactobacillus and the Bifidobacterium have the properties to improve effectively (and by improving I mean reduce) the symptoms of the mild ulcerative colitis.

Even supplements with probiotic E. coli Nissle has the same functions as some drugs that help in maintaining remission of the ulcerative colitis in the patients.

Although mentioned above, some researchers still believe that the probiotic does not work or rather, has minimal effects on Crohn’s disease.

For bowel disorders, there have been reports that the probiotic has some tremendous benefit and effect to solve that issue. Research shows that the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome may be reduced when the probiotic comes to play.

7. Immune System Booster

Immune System Booster

The first thing people should understand is that, when you have an excellent immune system, you’re less prone to having some common diseases like a cold, or your regular flu. Where on the other hand your immune system is nothing to ride home about, then there is a cause to worry.

Probiotic can salvage the situation. Being what they are (‘good’ bacteria) most people may doubt the efficacy of this particular benefit, but seeing that they inhibit the growth of the gut bacteria, we consider harmful; it is therefore very possible that they can boost the immune system.

Other than inhibition of the growth of harmful gut bacteria, probiotics also help with the growth of natural antibodies in the body. With this, they boost the immune system cells, much like the IgA producing cells, the T-lymphocytes and other natural killers for cells.

Some researchers are of the view that the probiotic bacteria reduce not only the likelihood but also the duration of infections from the respiratory system. Although this may sound like good news, evidence given to buttress this point is meager and mostly unreliable.

The reason it is low is for the very reason that, after treating 570 children with lactobacillus, for a respiratory infection, the severity and frequency of the infection reduced by only 17%. The above probiotic also reduces urinary tract infection, the risk to a 50% minimum, but only in ladies.

8. Probiotics Weight Loss Benefit

Did you know that getting fat is as a result of a cell imbalance? Even when you don’t eat so much, you just begin to find yourself getting fat and gaining more belly fats.

One of the many ways in which you can get belly fat is when the intestine absorb the dietary fat, which then makes the gut bacteria to thrive even more in the belly. Thanks to most strains of the probiotic, weight loss and reduced belly fat is now a reality, and it happens in many ways.

Like I said concerning the digestion of dietary fat by the intestine, the probiotic prevents that from happening, which would have led to the ultimate result (belly fat) had it not made the prevention. Through prevention, what the probiotic does is to expel the fat from the body through the feces, rather than let it thrive in the body.

Another way the probiotic works is to make you feel fuller. This way, you tend to burn off so many calories, store less fat, and have no need to carry a fat belly around. To induce the feeling of being full, the probiotic increases the GLP-1 hormone and other such hormones.

After taking a study on women on a diet, some scientists showed that probiotics might have a direct link with weight loss. Thanks to the Lactobacillus rhamnosus (a strain of probiotic), women began to experience 50% weight loss, after three months (of taking this particular strain). After being taken for 12 weeks, this same strain was recorded to have reduced belly fat to about 8.5%.

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9. Suitable For Infants With Life-Threatening Diseases

Suitable For Infants With Life-Threatening Diseases

As a newborn, babies are susceptible to two major diseases; necrotizing enterocolitis (from now on known as NEC), and the neonatal sepsis. Without a probiotic in their system, this may cause a lot of damage to their system and may result in the death of the infant.

These diseases are standard in all kinds of infants, especially the early ones that have low birth weight count. When mothers take the high-quality probiotic substance before birth, it helps the immune system of the baby.

One of the researchers during a study had the boldness to say that, with regards the necrotizing enterocolitis, results show that there significant benefits to the intake of probiotic supplements for the infant, to reduce death diseases relating to preterm neonates substantially.

The studies also showed that, where there is an availability of probiotic, then the placebo-controlled trials will become irrelevant, and a complete waste of money.

For the issue of sepsis, (which is prevalent in developing countries), during random but controlled research in 2017, the scientists pointed out that this disease could be adequately prevented if the mothers are fed with synbiotic enough; both the probiotic and prebiotic together.

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Other Benefits Of Taking Probiotics Includes

Production of vitamin B12, butyrate, and the vitamin K2 that we all know is responsible for keeping out the harmful microbes. They also create a variety of enzymes that shun and destroy other harmful bacteria.

It is pertinent that you know this; probiotic is part of our DNA, the moment we were born, we had probiotic in us. Thus not only meals can produce probiotic bacteria, and we already have the natural substance in us. During its stay in the womb, a baby shares all its cellular and DNA workings with the mother, and the mother transfers all the necessary things the baby may need to thrive; probiotic is one of them.

Some Of The Emerging Diseases The Probiotics Are Fighting

Without prejudice to the fact that most of these diseases have been mentioned in the benefits, it will be prudent also to list out the significant diseases the probiotic helps to fight and what probiotics are good for;


There are certain probiotic strains that can assist in battling cancer today. It prevents and inhibits the growth of colorectal and bladder cancer cells. To inhibit colorectal cancer cell growth, you could use a supplement with both prebiotic and probiotic ingredients.

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Dental Health

Dental Health

Another very skillful use of probiotics is to help immensely with dental hygiene. Some dentists are of the opinion that probiotic therapy can improve dental health. Some of the strains help in preventing cavities. This finding was done after a randomized but controlled trial in humans.

Urinary Tract Infection

One of the subheadings above deals with the use of probiotic to solve some urinary problems in ladies, (it is most common amongst ladies). Because harmful bacteria spread rapidly from the rectum to the vagina, the urinary tract in ladies are usually affected and may lead to some unpleasant infections. That is why probiotics are a strong suggestion for solving this issue, and they efficient.

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Weight Loss

Gaining weight can be an embarrassing experience, and if you’re in the fashion or modeling world, it is not possible that you even gain a pound; you become a social pariah in that area.

We are not oblivious of the fact that obesity has taken over the streets of America, people now eat junk and care less about their weight and tend to gain more pounds but the day.

It is not surprising, as there is an alarming rate of chemicals added to canned food in the name of preservatives, there are very adulterated meats in the market that makes all kinds of meats more deadly than ever before. The probiotic in supplements and the body helps in aiding weight loss. They randomized trials show that the probiotics work to send out the unwanted fats through feces and sweats.

Kidney Stones

The kidney stones is a severe disease caused by alcohol, smoking and other oxalates that dries the kidney till the chemical substance in kidney solidifies and becomes deadly. The probiotic strains Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus can conveniently degrade the oxalates (which causes the kidney stone). Although there is not much certainty as to the level of effect it will have on the kidney stones, some researchers are very optimistic about its performance in the future, and that for now, its impact may be low, with time it will rise.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA or rheumatoid arthritis is a severe health condition that affects the immune system. Due to poor gut health, the autoimmune system may come in when rheumatoid arthritis tries to show itself, which is why the probiotics are recommended for treating this diseases.

Although only a few pieces of research have been done on this studies in humans, and a particular strain (the L. Casei01) shows so many efforts in the decrease of the RA inflammation progression of health.

In 2011, some studies showed that after the controlled trials, the results of the RA didn’t change when treated without probiotic, but when the probiotic was introduced, there was a significant and higher level of well-being on the subjects.

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From the preceding, it is rather evident that the probiotic is almost indispensable, if not utterly vital to the general health of infants and women, and in some cases, men. The probiotic, although a bacteria is an excellent strain of bacteria that works even better than the antibiotics you take.

Probiotics are even found in meals, so if you lack this essential “bacteria,” you can replenish your dose or level of probiotic with supplements and snacks that are rich in this substance.

Health is an essential aspect of socializing, without it, you may not be able to perform some social duties. You also feel so helpless; that is not something you would want to handle. So it is very necessary that you have a proper defensive system that can maintain your health.

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