Amazing Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth, Weight Loss, Nails, Skin (AND SIDE EFFECTS)

In today’s world where we are exposed to different toxins and harmful elements, taking vitamins such as biotin has become more advised. Since this vitamin B type contains essential substances to promote wellbeing, we must strive to include it in our daily diet.

There are 2 ways to supply our body with biotin: eating biotin-rich foods or taking biotin pills. However, the best way to take biotin is through pills, so that our body is supplied with a sufficient amount every day.

What are the benefits of biotin pills?

Amazing Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth, Weight Loss, Nails, Skin (AND SIDE EFFECTS)

I will teach you an in-depth answer through this article. I believe that everybody should be aware of the great benefits of biotin. So, I’ll start off by sharing it with you.

What Does Biotin Do for You?

1. It improves your metabolism.

Biotin, together with other vitamin B types, supply the body the fuel it needs by converting glucose and other food nutrients into energy. Therefore, with sufficient biotin intake, the body’s energy-transforming power improves and leaves no space for unhealthy fats to take place in the body.

2. It helps in balancing your body’s blood sugar levels.

Biotin helps in blood sugar balance by improving the body’s insulin levels and reaction. As we all know, insulin is responsible for regulating the body’s blood sugar levels. So, as biotin facilitates its improvement and levels, the body is spared from the risk of acquiring diabetes.

3. It enhances your cognitive function.

Biotin, together with other Vitamin B types, help maintain a healthy nervous system. This, then, improves one’s cognitive function and reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Also, biotin helps in improving cognitive energy, concentration, and function.

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4. Helps in Hair, Nail and Skin Health

Biotin is an essential coenzyme needed to maintain good hair, nail, and skin health. This substance also helps protect one from acquiring skin diseases, fungal infections, dry skin, and acne.

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With these great benefits biotin pills promote, it is definitely something you should include in your everyday diet. Take this wonder pill in small amounts daily so that your body is supplied with essential nutrients to make you a healthier, glowing and more beautiful you.

How Much Biotin Should I Take?

This essential nutrient called biotin has become known for the wonderful effects and benefits it offers to the body. It helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and it promotes better cognitive function. Aside from improving one’s health and organ function, biotin is also known to aid in maintaining a good skin and hair health.

With all the good things we learned and heard about biotin, you shouldn’t hesitate to include it in your daily diet! However, you may ask yourself: “How much biotin should I take to get these benefits?”

I will share you the answer through this article. I believe that with proper knowledge and awareness about biotin, everyone will be encouraged to include it in their daily diet. Therefore, my main purpose of writing this article is to raise biotin awareness and to encourage you to join the healthy, biotin movement today.

Safe Biotin Dosage

Biotin dosage is measured in micrograms (mcg). In pill form, biotin could be available in 10 mcg, 50 mcg, 100 mcg and even 5000 mcg and 10000 mcg.

Though there is no recommended daily allowance (RDA) for biotin, there is a suggested daily biotin intake per age bracket. For more information about it, please refer to the list below:

Birth to 1 year: 7 mcg
1-3 years: 8 mcg
4-8 years: 12 mcg
9-13 years: 20 mcg
14- 18 years: 25 mcg

During pregnancy and for everyone 18 years and above: 30 mcg

During breastfeeding period: 35 mcg

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What Is Biotin?

Biotin Overdose – How to Know When You Have Enough

Basically, biotin is safe to take, even if you go beyond the sufficient biotin daily intake. However, if you plan to take biotin in a higher dosage, it’s best to take it in gradual doses. You can start off with 50 mcg, then 100 mcg, then 500 mcg until you reach a way higher dosage of 5000 mcg or 10000 mcg.

Also, before taking biotin pills in 5000 or 10000 mcg, I highly recommend you consult your doctor first.

In case you miss taking biotin pills during the scheduled period, don’t make up for it by doubling your dose. Just follow your scheduled biotin intake next time, and don’t mind the missed doses.

10000 mcg

People who take biotin in 10000 mcg dosage notice positive results in their hair, skin, and nails. They noticed that their skin got healthier and their fingernails and toenails got longer and stronger.

Also, people who take biotin in 10000 mcg dosage observed that their hair got longer, thicker and stronger. Moreover, according to them, biotin helps them grow beard in a faster way.

However, before these 10000mcg biotin pill takers took this vitamin B type in such high dosage, they started off with lower dosages. At first, they started taking 1,250 mcg of biotin, then 2,500 mcg, then 5000 mcg, until they reach 10,000 mcg.

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5000 mcg

People who take biotin pills in 5000 mcg dosage observe better and healthier hair results. They said that their hair has become thicker, longer and stronger. There are also biotin pill takers saying that the effects of taking 5000mcg of biotin are the same with taking 10000 mcg of biotin.

However, just like my recommendation on taking 10000 mcg of biotin, you must also start off with taking biotin in smaller doses, until you reach 5000 mcg. You can begin by taking 100 mcg of biotin, then making it 500 mcg, then 1,000 mcg, then 1,250 mcg, until you reach the 5,000 mcg biotin intake.

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Biotin Side Effects for Taking Too Much

Even though taking biotin pills is safe and does not result to overdose, consulting your doctor before changing your current biotin dosage is highly recommended. In this way, your doctor can assess if you can move on to a higher dosage, or if you should stick to your current dosage.

Also, it is recommended to take biotin pills gradually. Start off with a lower dosage until you are qualified to get to a higher dosage. However, if in case you experience skin irritations, itchiness and rashes, stop taking biotin pills for a while and consult your doctor right away. You might be allergic to a higher dose of biotin.

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According to some biotin pill takers, this vitamin B type has caused acne breakouts. On the other hand, others observed that they had healthier and better-looking skin after taking biotin. (Read more about How To Get Rid Of Acne)

Actually, the answer why people experience acne breakouts is that biotin competes with vitamin B5. If the body contains higher biotin levels, the body’s vitamin B5 levels lower.

Also, if the body lacks Vitamin B5, it results to acne breakouts. Therefore, it is often recommended to take vitamin B5 along with biotin, so that each vitamin’s level is sufficient and to avoid acne breakouts.

Aside from the lack of Vitamin B5, higher dose of biotin also results to acne. Therefore, if you experience acne breakouts after moving to a higher dose, stop taking biotin in a higher dosage and stick to your former lower biotin dosage.

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Biotin is an essential vitamin needed by the body every day. Therefore, sufficient daily biotin dosage results to better health, especially on our skin, nails, and hair.

However, consult your doctor first before taking biotin in a higher dosage. In this way, you can avoid negative side effects and you know the ideal biotin dosage you should take daily.

Biotin for Hair

Amazing Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth, Weight Loss, Nails, Skin (AND SIDE EFFECTS)

Do you know that aside from applying excellent shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments, taking biotin promote great hair health results, too? No wonder a lot of people take this vitamin B type every day, as it is just effective in keeping your hair thicker, fuller and healthier.

I believe everybody deserves a fuller and healthy crowning glory. Therefore, know more about the benefits and positive effects of biotin for hair through this article.

How Much Biotin for Hair Growth?

It is highly recommended to take biotin pills in 2,500 mcg-5,000 mcg for positive hair growth results. A lot of biotin pill users sticking to this dosage range observed that their hair has become thicker and longer.

However, if you want to take biotin pills in 5,000 mcg dosage, it’s best if you start off with lower dosages. You can begin with 1,250 mcg, then 2,500 mcg, until you reach 5,000 mcg.

Moreover, drinking lots of water everyday aids to better biotin absorption. Therefore, complement your 2,500 mcg-5,000 mcg daily biotin intake with at least 8 glasses of water daily, for a faster and more successful hair growth results.

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Biotin for Hair Growth Results

There have been various hair growth results from people who take biotin pills in different dosages. Other people taking biotin on 5,000 mcg dosages say that their hair has become stronger, thicker and longer. There are also biotin pill takers who have noticed positive hair results even at 1,250 mcg-2,500 mcg biotin pill dosage.

However, these users do not go beyond the 5,000 mcg dosages, as it might cause negative effects on their hair health. Moreover, it is not recommended to take biotin in dosage of more than 10000 mcg unless prescribed by the doctor, to avoid adverse hair health results, as well as allergic reactions. Aside from Biotin,  there are others Hair growth vitamins for women available in the market.

Biotin Pills and Tablets for Hair Growth

There are different types of biotin pills recommended for hair growth. It can be in capsule type or tablet form. Biotin pill dosage is also around 1,250-5,000 mcg.

According to research, biotin in liquid gel supplements are ideal when you want to grow hair, as they can be absorbed by the body in a better way.

For more information on the best biotin pills and tablets for hair growth, refer to the following brands below on Amazon:

Nature’s Bounty Super Potency Biotin Soft Gels (5000 mcg)
Solgar Biotin Vegetable Capsules (5000 mcg)
Natrol Biotin Tablets (1000 mcg)


The Best Biotin Pills for Hair Growth

Biotin for Hair Loss – How Long to See Results

Amazing Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth, Weight Loss, Nails, Skin (AND SIDE EFFECTS)

Biotin pill takers see positive results as fast as 2-3 weeks of daily intake. The biotin is an essential vitamin that helps rev up the body’s keratin structure. Therefore, the hair becomes stronger from the roots to tips. This then promotes hair growth and avoids hair loss.- How long does biotin take to make your hair grow?

For those who think that a higher dose of biotin guarantees quick, positive results: do not take a high dose of biotin at first try! Keep in mind that the results of taking biotin in a gradual dosage compared to taking it on a higher dose at first try can be different.

You might experience negative hair health results if you jump into taking biotin as much as 5,000-10,000 mcg dosage. Also, eating biotin-rich foods helps more in avoiding hair loss. Therefore, do it along with your daily biotin pill intake.

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According to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, the ones who lack biotin in the body are more susceptible to hair loss. However, once they consume biotin even if starting in low doses, they reduce the probability of hair loss problems to worsen. – Using Biotin for Hair Growth? Does Biotin Really Work? Let’s Discuss!

The hair growth rate for people who take biotin is dependent on one’s daily activities and health regimen. If they do not miss taking biotin pills, they drink lots of water daily and eat healthy and biotin-rich foods, their hair growth rate is faster. – Biotin Hair Growth Rate

However, taking biotin can result in around 35-50% increased hair growth rate, especially when taken on 10000 mcg dosages.

Biotin for Hair Growth Reviews

There are a number of people who are happy with the positive hair growth results biotin promotes. One biotin pill taker said that his hair has grown faster and he experiences less hair loss after taking 50000 mcg of biotin for a month.

Another user observed that aside from avoiding hair loss, his nails also became stronger when he started taking biotin. This vitamin B type also helped him combat diabetes.

Moreover, one user said that biotin has been an incredibly effective treatment for his sister’s hair loss. Since his sister suffered a negative reaction to antibiotics which then resulted into hair loss, her sister has become almost bald.

However, with the help of biotin, her sister’s hair has grown again.

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Biotin hair growth before and after pictures

Biotin Hair Growth Side Effects

People who use biotin for hair growth may notice some minor adverse effects during intake. They may observe that taking biotin pills resulted in acne breakouts. However, the reason could be either biotin competes with Vitamin B5, or because a current higher biotin dose is not appropriate for their condition.

Aside from minor adverse effects, taking biotin at a higher dose could generally result to allergic reactions. Therefore, if you start experiencing skin irritations, itching and rashes, stop taking biotin pills for a while and consult your doctor right away. Maybe the current dose is not appropriate for you.

To have a longer, thicker and much healthier hair, include a sufficient dose of biotin in your daily diet! Just remember not to stray too far from your recommended daily biotin intake, to see the best hair health results biotin can offer you.

Biotin Weight Loss Benefits

Amazing Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth, Weight Loss, Nails, Skin (AND SIDE EFFECTS)

Biotin is a coenzyme and vitamin B type known to provide weight loss benefits. Since it helps the body absorb nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats, it also promotes a faster metabolism. Also, biotin aids the body to transform food and glucose into energy.

Want to know more about this essential vitamin? Check this article out for in-depth information on biotin weight loss benefits.

Can Biotin Help You Lose Weight?

Biotin can help you lose weight since it promotes faster and more efficient metabolism. The body requires this essential vitamin B type to break down amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats. Moreover, biotin allows the body to absorb these nutrients well and effectively, resulting to faster and more efficient metabolism.

Basically, a faster and more efficient metabolism is a key to weight loss, as there is no space for unwanted and unhealthy fats to take place. Therefore, since biotin promotes and provides positive results in one’s metabolism, it also becomes essential in promoting weight loss.

Also, your daily biotin intake is best complemented with fiber-rich foods and regular exercise to speed up the weight loss process.

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Biotin 5000 mcg Weight Loss Benefits

According to biotin users under the 5000 mcg dose, this coenzyme really provides weight loss benefits. One user said that after 3 months of taking biotin, she noticed she was losing weight. Then, on the 4th month, she lost as much as 45 pounds.

This particular biotin user said that she has always had a problem with her weight, even if she restricts herself to eating whatever she wants. However, as she started taking biotin, she noticed how this wonderful and essential nutrient promoted her metabolism. As she experienced improve metabolism, she then started to lose weight.

However, her primary reason for taking biotin is not to grow and thicken her eyelashes! Therefore, the weight loss results biotin provides can be considered a spillover; at least, it’s a great kind of spillover.


Biotin 10000 mcg Weight Loss Benefits

On the other hand, according to a biotin user under the 10000 mcg dosage, this vitamin B type did not just make her hair grow and become healthier. It also made her lose weight! Even if she ate different types of foods like junk food, she lost 5 pounds instead of gaining 5 pounds more.

This weight loss benefits provided by taking biotin can all be attributed to its power to improve metabolism and make it more efficient. Therefore, with biotin, your metabolism becomes faster, and your way to losing weight is easier, even without diet and exercise.


Biotin helps lose weight

Biotin weight loss before and after review

Speed up your weight loss journey in a healthy way by supplying yourself with adequate or

recommended biotin dosage every day! Also, complement your biotin pill intake with eating biotin- and fiber-rich foods, for an even faster metabolism.

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